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Free Resources for Small Businesses from the InfoTrust Team

Free Small Business Resources

In these uncertain times, InfoTrust is here to assist your small business! This forum was created with your small business in mind and we will continue to provide expert advice and resources to help you and your business succeed.

Why is InfoTrust providing these FREE resources?  We are a Human to Human company, not B2B or B2C and we are passionately dedicated to helping companies make better decisions through data.  Working with global brands has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience that we want to share with you!  Together we’ll navigate these rough seas until we all come out of the storm and continue to succeed.

InfoTrust will provide:

Curated advice from our experts to improve your digital marketing through intuitive analytics, data governance, and technology solutions

Ask us ANYTHING office hours – from Noon to 1pm ET every Wednesday and Friday.  Register Now!

An open Slack channel to quickly ask a question about a blog post or podcast.  Subscribe Now!

Misadventures in Digital Marketing – advice from global experts with our FREE podcastSubscribe Now!

Check out our curated resources below, SIGN UP to ask us anything in our office hours, or check out all of our blog posts, webinars, guides & tips in our resources section.


Strategic Innovation and Transformation Resources:

Resources and Insights to Help you Navigate Uncertain Times – Google brings you tools, strategic insights, and other resources to assist through this uncertainty.

Doing More with Less: When Times Call for Cutting Digital Budgets – Download this guide that will walk you through the methodology of digital transformation along with the 6 key elements for money-saving enhancements. 

Small Business Administration Disaster Relief Loan Guide – download from the Small Business Administration for more information on the disaster relief program during COVID-19.

Google COVID-19: $800+ Million to Support Small Businesses and Crisis Response – A post from Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai outlining how they are assisting small businesses. 

How to get FREE PR: An Interview with Cameron Herold. Named by Forbes Magazine as the “COO whisperer,” Cameron is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. This episode features a focus on his latest book, Free PR.

3 Powerful Ways for Entrepreneurs to Scale Their Businesses – Often, we spend our time figuring out that new tool or researching that new strategy, only to accomplish small tasks that drive very little business value. What are these systems, and how can they be employed to achieve dramatic growth in your business? 

Marketing and Branding Resources:

Spring Clean Your Website Content to Freshen Up Your Search Ranking – While many of us are working from home, it’s a good time to think about doing some website “spring cleaning.” Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home and office—it also matters for your web content.

3 Tips for Getting Started with Digital Analytics – Digital analytics provides the ability to measure exactly where and how users interact with your online properties. You can’t have a strong strategy without knowing what your target audiences are doing online.

Use Advanced Cohort Analysis in Google Analytics to Better Understand Your Customers  – Cohort analysis is the bedrock of understanding your customers. Simply defining a segment of customers and analyzing their behavior over time is a big step in knowing what is happening in your business. Better yet, it’s simple and it works.

5 Ways Digital Analytics Can Help Retail and eCommerce Companies in Times of Crisis – While there is a lot of uncertainty about downstream impacts and how long the economic hit or downturn will be felt across the world, some organizations are well equipped for the shift in consumer behavior—particularly more online-buying as governments enforce shelter in place or quarantine restrictions.

Managing Customer Expectations in a Digital & Regulated World – Shannon Paul, Branded Content and Social Media Director at Fifth Third Bank, joins the podcast to discuss everything from metrics to managing expectations on social media.

5 Analytics Tactics the Travel and Hospitality Industries Can Implement in Challenging Times – While considering what to do in the wake of these challenges, there are some efforts that marketers in the travel industry can do to help better understand customer behaviors and mindsets given the current circumstances (and beyond).

Digital Advertising & Marketing Technology Resources:

How Google’s New Approach to Cookies Affects Your Marketing Strategy – Google plans to eliminate 3rd-party cookies on Chrome by 2022.  Learn how this will affect your marketing strategy in the short and long term.

Keeping up with New Digital Marketing Technology (While Working from Home) – Technology has transformed just about every aspect of the way we work, and marketing is no exception. The advances are all highly advantageous from a business standpoint, but it’s easy to let big changes pass you by when you’re focused on running the day-to-day.

Winning Search Marketing with SEO Testing – Will Critchlow, Founder & CEO of online marketing agency Distilled, joins Michael and Neil to share his thoughts on winning organically.

Using LinkedIn Ads the Right Way – AJ Wilcox, founder of B2Linked, joins the podcast to share his LinkedIn ads knowledge and provide tips about what works and what doesn’t when advertising on the site.


Donate Now Via the InfoTrust Foundation

Join the InfoTrust Foundation in providing masks to healthcare workers on the frontline of fight against COVID-19.
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