It's not a job, it's an Adventure

When you work at a growing company, you just never know what is going to fall in your lap.  I certainly did not foresee party planning in my job description, yet I find myself in the exciting position of planning a cocktail party next Thursday for an exciting new project.  Know a great catering service?  Shoot me an email.  My knowledge of a fun party begins and ends with a champagne fountain.   How did this land in my lap?  It doesn’t even matter, when working at such a dynamic company, you need to come to the table prepared for anything.  And, don’t be afraid to fail because I know that the end version of this party will only be fantastic after my first 30 ideas don’t play out well.

Speaking of ideas that take a while to come to fruition, another opportunity that recently fell into my lap here is interior design.  That’s an even more interesting choice considering my desk here has nothing more on it than a sign my daughter made that says “Heather”.  I worked here for seven months before I even brought that in.  But, we are outgrowing our office space so we need more room.  It’s a great problem to have and shows how you really need to have an attitude here of “do what it takes to get things done”.   So, I get to research accent walls and office decoration.  Ideas welcome.

I sense that I got the office decorating job because anyone else would just have posters of Yoda, the Avengers and/or Tron.  Prior to my “Heather” sign, a poster of Ghostbusters was above my desk.   The expansion, the party and never knowing what to expect when I come to work each morning (or when I get up to work from home) is what I love about the small environment.  I’m also looking forward to spreading our wings and branching out into new space.  We are really trying to accommodate each employee’s inalienable right to direct sunlight.   Paint samples and IKEA catalogs are now office staples (right along with free lunch—which now has to be delivered a lot since we are so busy).  It’s a great   place to be when monotony is not part of your workday.  I remember in my first job where every other Wednesday was “process garnishments” day and every fourth Thursday was “turnover cost report” day.   Now, every day is a new day.

What else do I really like about being the operations/human resources/administrative/food/cleanliness manager here?  Having to get a variety of projects figured out keeps me fresh.  It really helps you stay at the top of your game.  While I am usually the “elder” employee here at InfoTrust, the “kids” often mention that I’m always open to new things like Spotify (which I’m not clear on but seems like a way to listen to music).  I also always get a chuckle when I get to break down my middle aged mom stereotype and mention that I don’t like wine or romantic comedies.  That’s what I love about it here.  Just like me, it’s not your stereotypical job.

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