My Office is Better Than Yours

Winning Best Place to Work by Creating Employees Who are Raving Fans

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My Office is Better Than Yours

Yep, you read that right. I am officially putting you on notice that my office is a million times better than any other out there.

Sure, you’ve read about Google and other great places to work, but I want to add InfoTrust to the top of the list. This is a pretty big claim for someone who has been here for three weeks, but you need to realize that so many places make big promises to get you in the door…and then the veil comes down and you see what it’s really like.

Not here. They walk the walk and it’s refreshing. Let me share with you a few examples.

#1 – Core Values that Excite the Right People and Repel the Wrong People

When my friend let me know that InfoTrust was hiring, I went on their website to poke around and found this image.

InfoTrust Core Values

I thought: “Wow, if they really do this then I am in!”

Within the first week, I was added to an internal message between the co-founders and a group of the team as they talked about the core values and Vivid Vision (more on that later). The passion that they showed over each word was inspiring and after watching this chat for a few days I woke up one morning crying happy tears that I got to go to work with such passionate people!

#2 – A Vivid Vision for the Next Three Years

Cameron Herold calls it ,”A detailed, three to four page document that lays out a clear, logical vision of what your company will look like in three years. When completed, it’s meant to be woven into your company’s culture, guiding your employee’s decision making and giving all involved clear goals to strive for.”

I was given the Vivid Vision before my final interview and, if I thought the Core Values were impressive, I fell in love after reading what was possible when you join InfoTrust. I can’t spoil the ending, but there is a happily ever after coming our way!

InfoTrust Employee Swag

#3 – Meetings that Do NOT Suck!

This was probably one of my favorites to share with my friends. I can’t count how many times I have heard them go on and on – and on – about how they spend an entire day in meetings that are non-productive and wish they could have been back at their desk getting their work done.

When I arrived on my first day, I was greeted by a book. Actually four books, but this one caught my eye. Meetings Suck! Who can ignore that title? After reading it and seeing how our office embraces every way possible to make meetings NOT suck, is was invigorating.

They have outfitted the conference rooms so you have a reminder of ways to improve your meetings and we send our clients the book with an outline of the highlights. You are asked to plan appropriately for the meeting, provide a clear agenda and to end every meeting early so people get back to their work. Refreshing!

#4 – Spoiled and Then Spoiled Again

My husband laughed when I came home from my first day with swag and he is excited to hear the fantastic things that happen each day. He’s always told me that I should love my job, since it’s the place we spend the most time.

On your first day you are greeted by the fabulous team you have joined and you enjoy delicious gifts and fun reads. Then you get to partake in daily lunches provided by the company and an endless snack bar (with a wish list next to it to add your favorite munchies). After your catered lunch, you retire to the ping pong table for an invigorating match or head to the treadmill desk for a relaxing walk.

InfoTrust First Day

I have fallen in love with the standing desk and was surprised on my first Friday when Pam invited me over to explore the beer fridge and a game of hoops or darts.

I feel like I am writing a brochure for a luxury spa instead of my office! Did I mention that you are treated like an adult. Say what? Yep – unlimited PTO and work from home, if you’d like. You are old enough to know when you need to do something and they make sure you have all the tools to be successful.

#5 – Making Us Better in Every Way

In my second week, Alex sat with me for an hour to talk about the 6 Basic Needs. He had a list of all the offerings of the company and asked me to look them over and say what they mean to me and the order in which I would place them. We sat for an hour and a half (originally scheduled for an hour) and just talked. It was wonderful! He really wanted to know what made me tick and how he could help me become a better version of who I am today, fulfilling my dreams for the future.

I left our conversation thinking, “Did that really happen? Does he really want those things for me?”

Yes, they do! And they prove it over and over. It even got me crying again. You are going to think I am a sappy person, but I am not. There are very few things that make me cry, but with InfoTrust I feel a fire burning inside me! I have felt that fire a few times before in my life and it’s something that, when you find it, you grow faster and better than you ever imagined possible.

Does that make sense? If not then you really need to go find your fire. It’s out there and you deserve it!

Interested in working at InfoTrust? Check out our open positions and find your fire!

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