Analysis + Data Insights

“Seek first to understand, then to act.”

— Master Yoda

The actions you take in your organization are only as good as your data–and the understanding you have of that data. Our in-house analysts put actionable data into the hands of your team. Or, if you’re in need of a deep analytical dive, our Data Science team can deliver data-backed action items specific to your business.

Data is the new management

Data Democratization

We believe that incredible things happen when you give individuals across your organization easy access to data. With data, each person is empowered to make informed decisions that will have a real impact on the business. Confident employees. Improved results. Better business.

Data Democratization
Use Data Science to Unlock Insights
Uncover Hidden Business Insights

Data Science

Leveraging unique skillsets in big data and statistics, our Data Science team can perform analysis in BigQuery, find ROI gems in the rough and unravel even the trickiest of data requests.


Digital Analysis

Every organization has a different set of goals and needs that will determine how to most effectively leverage their data. Our analysts’ experience with segmentation, analysis and multi-channel attribution is invaluable in helping teams create reports to pull out hidden insights and actionable recommendations on how to improve digital marketing activities. At last--an easy way to drive conversions and understand true ROI!

Advanced Digital Analytics Analysis

Case Study

InfoTrust helps remove the guesswork from Beckfield College’s marketing efforts. From website updates to remarketing campaigns and everything in between, we know that the digital decisions we make are backed by data.

— Suzanne Deatherage, VP Marketing, Beckfield College

Beckfield College turned to InfoTrust to help them lower the cost of acquisition, and increase qualified student applications, in the increasingly competitive space of online education. Our approach of building a data-driven model for paid advertising and the use of remarketing to drive leads paid off with a 35% increase in the number of qualified applications each month.

40% cost of acquisition decrease

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Beckfield College saw a 40% cost of acquisition decrease after working with InfoTrust