Technology Stack

Google Marketing Platform

Google Analytics

At the core of Google’s suite of products sits analytics, but the products offered go far beyond. Tag Manager allows you to quickly deploy tracking, Optimize provides A/B testing capabilities and Data Studio puts beautiful visualizations at your fingertips.

As a Google Marketing Platform partner, InfoTrust’s expertise covers the full suite of products and integrations available.

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Google Analytics 360 and Google Suite
Tag Inspector: A Tag Auditing Platform
Data Quality + Performance

Tag Inspector

Our proprietary software analyzes your website’s tag hierarchy, so you can see what tags are loading where they should…and what ones shouldn’t be there at all.

With tools for alerting and data monitoring, Tag Inspector reduces data downtime and makes data governance manageable.

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Data Science


InfoTrust leverages our data integration services within BigQuery to support our Data Science offerings. We combine our expertise in web analytics, engineering, and statistics to uncover actionable insights for our clients and help them make data-driven decisions.

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CRM and Salesforce Integration
Data Integration

CRM + Salesforce

Offline sales present a unique challenge to marketers everywhere: How do you measure campaign effectiveness when a percentage of the data is missing?

Our exclusive CRM integration services connects your sales database and Google Analytics, removing the guesswork and providing credit where credit is due.