Implementation + Integration

Our specialists thoroughly review planning and documentation on architecture. Then, working with your business teams and InfoTrust analysts, provide an implementation plan to deliver digital analytics that you can confidently base decisions on.

And it doesn’t stop there. Pair that with our integrations with TMS (Tag Management Systems) , CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software, such as Salesforce) and our proprietary software that pulls costs from advertising platforms right into your analytics data. Together, all of these elements align to create a borderline legendary system that will finally get you the data and processes you need to succeed.

Google Analytics


A successful implementation starts with configuration and programming of everything from goal conversions and site search to cross-domain tracking and CRM integrations. Each piece of the analytics architecture is carefully implemented to ensure accurate and reliable data, day in and day out.

We even have eCommerce specialists who can implement advanced analytics to drive your business further.

Google Analytics Implementation Services
CRM Integration Services

Integration Services

Businesses interact with their customers across different, disconnected channels on a daily basis, so it can be difficult to assess true ROI of specific campaigns. Our CRM integrations connect your sales database to your analytics platform, helping you determine which marketing programs and channels are working. No more guessing; just accurate data on the full sales cycle, from creating an ad to recording a lead and closing a sale.

Big Data

And Beyond

Big organizations need big data and big integrations. We’ve helped some of the largest brands in the world fully leverage BigQuery for housing large data sets, implement a TMS for improved data governance, and pull cost data from advertising platforms into Google Analytics for true ROI measurement.

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Case Study

Offine transactions which had 0% visibility and were dependent solely on inaccurate or incorrect customer feedback are now fully attributable to their proper marketing channel. This allows us to make quick, smart decisions on trends across all forms of marketing, both online and offline, and how consumers jump from desktop to mobile and office computers.

— Robert Prentice, Director of Marketing & Product Development, Pelican Water Systems

Pelican Water Systems contacted InfoTrust for assistance in better understanding their full marketing-to-sales cycle. We integrated their CRM data, importing offline sales activity and sales into Google Analytics, and implemented Enhanced eCommerce to provide deeper shopper insights.

Result: 130% higher ROI

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Pelican Water Systems saw a 130% higher ROI after working with InfoTrust