What Are Cookies?

Cookies (also known as tags or tracking pixels) are small pieces of data that come from a website and are stored on a user’s computer during browsing. Cookies allow websites to remember information about the user, such as if the user is logged in, recording what pages have been visited on the website, and details (such as name and email address) from previous user interactions to auto-fill in forms.

InfoTrust uses cookies in the above ways. We do not store personally identifiable data about our users, though we do partner with the third parties listed below to securely store collected data, and never sell the data we do collect.

We also partner with select third-party platforms to provide a better online experience and they may also place cookies on your computer that will be used when browsing our website.

You can disable cookies in your browser, though please note that most modern browsers and website rely on cookies in some fashion, so disabling them may hinder your ability to use certain websites or functionality on a website.


What We’re Tracking and Why

Google Analytics: Google Analytics allows us to review overall website usage to identifying behavior patterns and improve the website experience for users. Click here to view Google’s Privacy Policy and read instructions on how you can update your activity controls.

Google AdWords and Google Remarketing: We use Google AdWords and the Google Remarketing to track user interactions with advertisements and our website in order to provide relevant advertisements. Click here to view Google’s Privacy Policy and read instructions on how you can update your activity controls.

Pardot: Pardot is used to collect email addresses for the purposes of providing relevant content and supporting documentation for the use cases and products for which users have indicated an interest. If consented is provided, we will also send other relevant offers and promotions. Click here to view Pardot’s Privacy Policy.

Sumo: We use Sumo to collect email addresses for the purposes of sending relevant offers and promotions. Data is only collected by Sumo through explicit consent by signing up for our newsletter. Click here to view Sumo’s Privacy Policy.

Tag Inspector Realtime: Tag Inspector may collect pseudonymised personal data in the course of testing and validating data collection and unauthorized tag behavior on this website. This data is used to identify the conditions under which unauthorized behavior is occurring for fast and efficient remediation of any data collection problems. Click here to view Tag Inspector’s Privacy Policy.


How to Disable Cookies

The process to disable cookies depends on the browser you are using. Below, we have outlined resources that provide the necessary steps to disable cookies on common browsers.

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