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Financial services make up one of the economy’s most important and influential sectors today. While many organizations are actively working to build their digital strategy, successful companies are ensuring they have data governance, tag management policies, and established securities in place. In order to grow—and stay competitive—it’s imperative that financial, insurance, and crypto organizations ensure their digital analytics and data governance strategies are well-established and up to date on current regulations. Partnering with a team that understands the unique challenges facing the financial sector—and provides a dedicated level of support—can help drive your organization forward.

Some of Our Finance, Insurance, and Crypto Clients

What We Do for Finance, Insurance, and Crypto Organizations

A large multi-brand insurance company was in need of a unified tracking strategy that would allow a centralized team to understand the impact of marketing initiatives and user experience.

We’ve led a number of strategic, high-impact initiatives including:

  • In-depth audit of source code implementation, TMS, and UI configuration to ensure data accuracy
  • Deploying a full-scale tracking strategy including custom dimensions/metrics, events, and cross-domain tracking
  • Data integration and visualization to combine CRM, call center, and offline conversions with Google Analytics data for robust attribution analysis
  • Data governance and PII detection

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