Culture + Core Values

We live by a strong set of core values. They guide our interactions with clients and co-workers — and, if we do say so ourselves, they are also generally great guidelines for communicating with the outside world. Explore them below and see what makes InfoTrust one of the best places to both work with and for.

Be Empathetic + Seek Feedback


We embrace diversity as an important aspect of our company. An office made up of people who think exactly alike wouldn’t just lower our ability to provide amazing work for our clients; it would also be incredibly boring! Each day, we strive to be empathetic to each person’s viewpoint and to learn from others’ experiences by seeking feedback from managers, co-workers and our clients.

Don't Be An Asshole


Respect your customers (that’s a given!), respect your team, and, above all, don’t be an asshole. We are serious about treating each person the way he or she deserves to be treated.

Explore, Share and Drive Change


We’re always moving forward to innovate and improve, and we make sure our people have the time to do that. This is why our web analyst consultants spend 80% of their time on client work and the remaining 20% on learning and trying out new ideas. That 20% is where the real change is made.

When In Doubt, Take Initiative


We believe that each person can have a positive impact on the company and the community by taking initiative. That’s why our culture and team is structured to encourage everyone to take ownership of themselves, their goals and what they work on each day. We discourage stagnation and encourage not waiting for permission to do something great.

Give to Grow


At InfoTrust, we strive to positively impact the community and each other. When in doubt, we take initiative and make our mark.

Always Add Value


If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Every day is an exercise in learning, stretching and adding value to the world. From delivering results for clients to providing Thanksgiving dinner for families in need, each and every team member is held to the standard of continued growth and giving.

Become Great

At Something

We can’t all be great at everything, but everyone can be great at something.