Why We're Different
Than Your Media Agency

You’ve heard it before—”We’re a trusted digital media agency you can count on because of X, Y, and Z. Oh, and we can help with your marketing analytics. Super convenient, right?”

How do you separate the true, unbiased partners from the noise? At InfoTrust, our team selected a few key points that actually help us stand out from the crowd. The big one? We don’t sell media. 

We Don't Sell Media

To clearly understand what sets InfoTrust apart from other analytics consulting organizations, it’s necessary to grasp what we don’t do. We do not sell media, and therefore can be trusted as an unbiased partner whose only goal is to help you improve and more clearly understand your own digital marketing data. No agenda, just the numbers.

Why This Is Important

While agencies often pitch a “one-stop shop” approach that includes analytics, be cautious of the implications of such an arrangement. Essentially, you’re allowing the partner from whom you’re buying media to also consult your team on the tracking implementation and monitoring that measures the performance of that media.

At InfoTrust, we strongly believe that having a truly unbiased partner—an organization who not only specializes in digital analytics, but also does not sell you media—is critical. This allows you to have full confidence in the data you’re collecting and making key strategic decisions based on.

Okay... You Don't Sell Media. And?

What Else Makes InfoTrust Unique?

End-to-end analytics support

We have a team of data analysts, data scientists, and engineers to help you advance along your analytics journey.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Customer services is huge for us; our CSM team is not part of our delivery or sales department. The are simply focused on making your experience first-class.

Proprietary products

Our engineers build products like Tag Inspector, a leading tag auditing and monitoring platform, in-house.

Culture built on the #GiveToGrow mentality

The InfoTrust Foundation continues to give back to communities in need across the globe.

Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner​

Our team is a certified Google Partner, specializing in advanced technical implementations of Analytics 360.​

Google Product Certifications

Google Analytics 360

Enterprise-level version of Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Manage all marketing tags without modifying code

Google Optimize

A/B testing and personalization platform

Google Data Studio

Dashboard reporting that pulls from different sources

Google Surveys

Market research tool that easily creates online surveys

Google Display & Video 360

Integrated tool that helps teams execute end-to-end campaigns

Google Campaign Manager

Manage digital campaigns across websites and mobile

Certified Google Cloud Partner

With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, our team can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive your business objectives forward.

Want to Work With InfoTrust?

If you have questions, contact our team today to discuss Google Analytics 360, digital transformation, and how our team can help you gain confidence in your data collection and reporting.

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