Other Great Partner Reviews

"InfoTrust has been a responsive and determined partner in producing business-friendly dashboards for L’Oréal. They tackled the large challenge of creating two leadership-facing dashboards with data from multiple sources, under a tight timeline. The dashboards have provided an unprecedented overview and aggregation of platform analytics that has proven critical as we review, analyze, and adapt our overarching strategy in real time."
Shenan Reed, SVP of Media, L'Oreal
"Larry, Sharon, and Michelle have been amazing to work with. Their knowledge, experience, attentiveness, and willingness to brainstorm to help us come up with data solutions is outstanding. InfoTrust has by far been the best GA Reseller and Implementation partner that I have ever worked with and I will absolutely recommend you to any colleagues who use GA360."
Mike, Data SC, Backcountry
"InfoTrust is an amazing analytics partner. We've been working with them for more than 2 years. They helped us with the setup up of the monthly analytics dashboards, auditing our website tags and tracking, implementation and testing of Firebase analytics for our mobile app and some analytics case studies for our markets. Chinonso is really knowledgeable, flexible, easy to work with and professional. The whole team understands our business needs and does their best to meet them. Highly recommend."
Mahy, E-Commerce Specialist, Nespresso
"The team [members] are responsive, detailed-oriented, and good listeners—and they are all nice people!"
Kesone Phimmasone, The Estée Lauder Companies
"I couldn’t have asked for a better partner with InfoTrust! Ariel [Opelt] has been a trusted advisor as we launched our site and she continues to add value with her knowledge and insights. InfoTrust works hard so we can continue to grow and show a true path to positive ROI from our analytics maturity. I would easily recommend InfoTrust as a partner to your analytics team."
Patrick Moffett, HD Supply White Cap
"InfoTrust has been a great partner. We were dealing with lot of tagging issues with our website, and Mai [AlOwaish] from InfoTrust came to our rescue. She has been very patient with the team here in gathering our tagging and reporting requirements. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Mai, who helped us throughout with her valuable suggestions and support. [InfoTrust] is very responsive and doesn't keep you hanging with your queries.

With our first release go-live, we have seen a tremendous improvement in our site tagging capabilities leading to better insights. I would definitely recommend InfoTrust and their consultants in digital analytics implementation."
Khushboo Adwani, Sally Beauty
"After accomplishing several projects successfully, we decided to pursue a web behavior analysis project with the InfoTrust team. It was quite a tough task, considering the type of data we have historically captured about our web users, to understand how they shop for their preferred way of tax filing. After 9 weeks of strong collaboration, we delivered a successful presentation to the [Jackson Hewitt] executive team with lots of insights into understanding intent and behavior of our clients online.

Dan [Vivaldelli, InfoTrust Lead Analytics Consultant] did an amazing job with prepping the data and visualizing it in a way for us so we could draw insightful conclusions out of it. The project was an absolute success, as we are now equipped with lots of next best steps on our lists to take an action on."
Mariam Giorgadze, Jackson Hewitt
"Infotrust has helped us create a foundation around our online data analytics. We've relied heavily on their experience as Digital Analytics can be overwhelming for most. Infotrust is a true partner in the sense they bring deep experience and knowledge to the table, yet adapt their approach to the needs of our business."
Brooks Browning with ACCO Brands, ACCO Brands
"We are managing a portfolio of many sites and drastically different audiences. All of the moving pieces led to sites being updated or tags being added or deleted without us knowing. That is just a lot of sites to keep track of from a manual standpoint. That’s what brought us to Tag Inspector, after doing some research and understanding who is best in class with scalability in terms of keeping a finger on the pulse of our enterprise tagging. It really gave us that peace of mind to know when things are happening/ changing and being able to respond. From the start of this engagement, the InfoTrust and Tag Inspector team have been a true partner to us which has been fantastic."
Will McHahon with IQVIA, Will McHahon, IQVIA
"Bringing InfoTrust on to assist with our site migration was an easy choice. Their expertise in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager allowed us to focus on the transition of our more complex systems. I'm happy to report we experienced zero downtime in site tracking and tag functionality. The InfoTrust team has always been quick to respond to our needs, and their proactive problem-solving has helped us avoid growing pains in our digital business."
Geoff Beers, Pro Football Focus
"InfoTrust is always there when you need them, regardless of the complexity of the tasks. They are very responsive, knowledgeable, and have had a huge impact on developing our data strategy. Very happy with their analytics expertise and high work ethic. "
Hocine Amirouche, L'Oréal Middle East
"The InfoTrust team has been excellent in our time working together. It has amazed me how thorough the team has been with their work. They are very detailed which makes it a breeze to keep up. Thanks to Andy and the team for being responsive and patient. "
Donnie Schmid, Miami Heat
"We’ve been using Tag Inspector for many months now and it’s a great way to keep an eye on tagging across a range of sites. The tag rules is especially awesome.
Simon Rumble, Simon Rumble
"Tag Inspector has become a day-to-day tool for monitoring and optimizing our website tags.
Officedepot.analytics, Office Depot
"We needed a tool to dive deep into tag handling and found TagInspector. I have used it for a year now and I am very satisfied with the product and the team behind it. My contacts Lucas and Stacey respond very quickly and the service level is high and very enjoyable. It is a perfect compliment to your Tag manager and other monitoring and analytics tools you might have.
Per Lundqvist, Stena Line
"Working with InfoTrust is really a pleasure. All of InfoTrust Dubai’s team (Amin, Zain, James, and Shasnika) is very knowledgeable on Google tools, the methodology is industrialized and reassuring. In addition to the technical support, InfoTrust is able to provide business actionable insights to increase the reach and thus sales!"
Charbel Lahoud, Chalhoub Group / Wojooh
"Having worked with Zain and Amin over the past 12 months I cannot credit the quality of their work enough. They have helped modernise a business and created a new way of thinking when it comes to problem solving. Our team increasingly looks for data to help back the decisions we take as a business as we couldn’t have done that without the help of InfoTrust. When it comes to Google products & web analytics I have not met a team with better knowledge and passion to deliver good work.
Chris Hurst, Thomas Reuters Middle East
"InfoTrust helped us tremendously; as a team in the organization and personally. For the organization, they came with a wealth of knowledge implementing various tools, identifying issues and quickly fixing them while training the staff for continuity. Extremely professional and efficient. The value added by Zain and Amin is tremendous on all those who worked with them. Zain is great to work with, his knowledge and passion reflects on the quality of work done and insights given. Best partnership.
Diana Arja, Aramex
"InfoTrust has been super helpful for Careem in bringing the best MarTech Platform which we were visualizing in whiteboards. They are making this a reality as we had a lot of challenges of making this happen for a mobile first company like our[s]. Amin / Zain / Bryon support was tremendous and this make[s] them distinct from any other partners, they are available anytime we want. We believe good support and great technical minds helps to build great platforms and Amin / Zain and team are the best example."
Rakesh Ramesh, Careem
"InfoTrust team is super knowledgeable and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them invaluable partners. We are continuously impressed with their level of service and consider them a key partner. Thank you, Zain and Byron, for all the continuous support and for this great partnership and thank you for the super quick responses to all my 100+ emails a day!
Mehreen Feroz, Aramex
"InfoTrust is a great company to work with for analytic/ tagging needs. Andrew was able to help us determine what we needed and helped create a plan for us to get our tagging analytics cleaned up. Their training and reporting was very helpful as well. Would recommend to any company in need of these types of services.
Anonymous, B-Dry, LLC
"We’ve worked with InfoTrust for almost 2 years and they’ve really helped us improve the quality of data we receive from GA. Tanya is very good at recommending new data to collect, showing us new enhancements/ features, and troubleshooting problems. Without their help, we definitely wouldn’t have as much confidence in the decisions we’re making using GA data."
Anonymous, Dermstore
"Working with Inforust has greatly improved our visibility into not only our web traffic, but also our Mobile App population. As a company that strives to think ‘Mobile First’ having Kevin and James provide Web and Mobile App quickly and accurately has helped us devise strategies to better serve our customers where they are.
Jeanny David, RushCard
"InfoTrust is a great partner. Once we got set up with them,they learned our integral jargon quickly and now speak to us like they’re an embedded member of the team. They understand our business and our needs like no other ‘third party partner’ I’ve worked with. Furthermore, they’re cleaned up our messy GA implementation, and made the tool far more useful. As the saying goes, ‘you only get out of it what you put into it’ -- and InfoTrust (particularly Andrew!) has helped us get out a lot!
Willy Volk, TravelZoo
"InfoTrust is a trusted partner of Raycom Media team. They are there with us every step of the way with salient guidance, spot-on implementation and consistent follow-up. We very much enjoy working with Andy and the team providing us insights to better understand our digital audience.
Glen Hale, Raycom
"We’ve been working with InfoTrust in some capacity for the last four years and have really come to see them more as additional team members than anything. Andy has worked with our product teams, our development and infrastructure teams, and our marketing team to name a few. He is always very accessible and more than happy to jump on a call if there are specific GA implementation or measuring needs that require additional help. It’s also nice that Andy and that gang are just down the street!

Corey Shreffler, Hobsons
"InfoTrust helped us implement a new data layer and GA account during our website launch. Everything was delivered on time and within budget. Andy and his team were always easy to reach, and responded quickly to all of our questions.
Matt Booher, Scripps
"The InfoTrust team is exceptional at meeting our Google Analytics tagging and reporting needs. The InfoTrust team helped us in setting up Google Analytics tagging within the specified time frame and identifying implementation issues along the way. InfoTrust provided customized tagging solutions, QA support, and data structure recommendations that ensure data quality, and resulted in actionable insights for our site. Jimmy and Seth are very responsive to our business needs.
Anonymous, Gamut
"InfoTrust is an incredible partner to work with. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable with Google Analytics and has helped us on multiple occasions with ad-hoc data requests. He has also created visualization reports that have made it easier for us to understand and interact with our data.
Sau Fong Lin, RushCard
"Working with the InfoTrust team is so easy. We just finished up our second project with them and they completely understood our needs and how to resolve the issues and did so very quickly! I would highly recommend anybody looking into their services, their knowledge and execution is beyond exceptional!"
Caley Atkinson, The Stow Company
"InfoTrust is a long-time partner of ours, in a variety of capacities. Their tremendous knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts has made lives easier and our online presence more effective and efficient!
Alcindo DaCosta, Nespresso
"Working with the InfoTrust team has been a great experience thus far. They are very knowledgeable, helpful, and very responsive to our business needs. They listen and deliver! We enjoy working with Kevin and Jimmy.
Brandi Warren, BigR
"Amanda, James, Stacey and Lucas have been a joy to work with and have been indispensable in setting up validation for our analytics implementation. I would highly recommend their expertise!
Samuel Schumacher, Dave Ramsey Solutions
"Reliable and knowledgeable partners. Amanda, Lucas, Tyler, and Stacey have helped to educate our team on improving tag performance and provide a great support system in our website optimization efforts."
Anonymous, Office Depot
"InfoTrust is a great partner. They helped us build our DataLayer, supporting us on a daily basis, providing training and reporting. Would recommend to any company in need of these types of services.
Alcindo DaCosta, Nespresso
"The amazing team that I can always [rely] on, ready [to] help, with great knowledge and expertise. Partner who convert things impossible - to be possible. Amin, James, Zain, Brian, thank you for your time, for great support, patience and sharing knowledge with our ebusines community. Thanks to our partnership we managed to do a big step ahead with organization (analytics). If someone ask[s] me if I recommend InfoTrust team - I say definitely yes - this team will make your life easier!"
Katarzyna Malik, Nespresso
"The InfoTrust team has been great to work with - so great that 3 years later I brought them with me to my new job! Dedicated team of partners who want to do what’s right for my business and see me succeed.
Elizabeth Lee, Johnson and Johnson
"The most knowledgeable and professional team I’ve ever worked with. They have the patience and expertise to explain how the analytics we requested could be tracked and focused on making the our team self-sustaining for future business needs. Without question they’ve made a big impact in how we analyze web data. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!"
Michael Silger, Nestle
"The team is knowledgeable, responsive, and industrious. Additionally, they approach questions and requests with the desire to be helpful. Our partnership with InfoTrust is highly valued."
Bryan Connally, Gaia
"The customer service, expertise and transparency that we receive is outstanding. I can’t say enough great things about our partnership with InfoTrust. They have helped my team and the University in immeasurable ways.
Kim Costanzo, Xavier University
"InfoTrust has been a knowledgeable, responsive, and proactive partner. We didn’t have the capacity or expertise internally to manage all the requests for tagging and analytics we were getting from across our organization, but the InfoTrust team really understood our needs and delivered an exceptional solution that has been overwhelmingly well received. I would recommend their services without hesitation.
Sarah Beaudoin, Planet Fitness
"I’d like to recognize InfoTrust for their help with our company this past year and a half. I have served as the project manager on all things tagging, reporting, GA/GTM/Search Console, etc. in this time and have worked with them weekly on a myriad of projects. They have an insurmountable help to our market in getting us up to speed on tagging and analytics. InfoTrust works extremely fast, have and amazing”can do” attitude, and are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Tom Connor, Nestle
"They are very knowledgeable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with."
Brandon Chez, CoinMarketCap
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with InfoTrust for a few years now. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and proactive. Jimmy and Kevin have been outstanding and a tremendous asset for me and my team. Thank you and I highly recommend them to anyone needing analytics."
Carter Dempsey, BigR
"Shasnika is our technical assistant on this tag audit and governance project. She took a hands-on proactive approach in helping us set up our synthetic scans and diagnosing issues with our configuration. She provided us with in-depth custom reporting, tweaking the format to our needs. She also helped analyze and answer questions about our reporting (such as how certain tags were firing and identifying certain calls). Overall so far we have [been] able to accomplish our goal on tag auditing with TI.
Satish Baratam, Lenovo
"InfoTrust has brought a new level of expertise into our organization, by helping provide an enterprise level solution for tag and analytic management. We have been working with them for about a year now, and our projects with them have produced the smoothest results out of all of vendors. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond to questions, ad have fulfilled our organizational needs beyond our expectations. Special thank you to Chris and Jimmy for all their hard work.
Rob Callahan, Planet Fitness
"Working with InfoTrust was a fantastic experience! Their level of commitment, support, and hard work provided our team with a seamless implementation for our tagging and analytics solution."
Jessica Banks, Planet Fitness
"We have recently ventured into enhancing web presence in partnership with InfoTrust. Although our team has a lot [of] marketing experience, web analytics and site optimization is largely new territory for us. Kevin has been extremely responsive and accommodating through the process of establishing the necessary tracking and reporting. Ariel has been thorough and thoughtful in recommendations to drive our core metrics. Valued partnership that I’m sure will continue to grow. Thank you!
Dave Struss, Luxottica
"InfoTrust was a key enabler to deploy our Analytics and Data strategy. They easily grab the complexity of our global company. Their knowledge, deep expertise and, most importantly, their dedication and passion was a step-change for our company.
Fred Berthollet, Nestle
"Our organization has numerous external partners that support our marketing efforts. InfoTrust is the finest partner of the group. They listen well and bring their expertise in service of our organization’s goals. More than that, they are responsive, open, transparent and collaborative. Jimmy in particular has been a great asset to our organization, providing excellent insights and customer service to help our team grow our knowledge and meet our goals. I cannot recommend InfoTrust highly enough.

Kevin L., Xavier University
"InfoTrust is an outstanding enabler when it comes to Google Analytics and GTM. I have been working with Bryan, Melanie, and Stacey in several phases of our engagement with them. They bring a great mix of value, knowledge, and experience in helping us with both everyday ops as well as strategic initiatives. Very easy to work with at all levels nd super knowledgeable. All 5 stars are well deserved."
Pulat Tillaboev, Zoro
"It has been a great experience working with InfoTrust. With great expertise in GA/GTM, they provided excellent services to our team from architecture planning to small bug fix. I really enjoy working with Bryan, Pam, Melanie, Stacey and other staff.
Jean Xu, Zoro
"InfoTrust has been an outstanding partner with deep analytics knowledge, created a partnership feeling as an extension of the team, and provided tremendous responsiveness. This was exemplified when InfoTrust agreed to develop a completely new out of the box analytics tool one week before Black Friday. They delivered on time and provided new revenue visibility that proved critical over the holiday weekend. I absolutely recommend InfoTrust for consideration."
Ryan Davis, La Senza
"The best partner we have had in a while! Deep knowledge of GA helps us to move our company forward."
Pavel Shvartsman, Optics Planet
"Working with InfoTrust has been a pleasure. Their knowledge in the field, documentation and responsiveness is above par.
Dominik M., Optics Planet
"I was originally looking to just buy Tag Inspector services from InfoTrust but while interacting with the team I was encouraged to partner with them and upgrade to GA360 as well. Couldn’t be happier! Their depth of knowledge, reliability, communication style, and ability to grasp our unique challenges is amazing. The intensity of our business and an enormous amount of work always makes you appreciate working with the team who delivers quality work, especially at a short notice.
Mariam Giorgadze, Jackson Hewitt
"The most knowledgeable and professional team I've ever worked with. Without question they've made a big impact in how we analyze web data. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!"
Michael Silger, NESTLÉ

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