Awards, New Office Design, New Office…Oh My….

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We thought long and hard what is the best way to celebrate our accomplishments over the last few quarters and we decided to throw a party for our team and friends of InfoTrust. But a surprise party cannot be a surprise without a major announcement, so we had one of those prepared.

Well as they say, “if you are going to do something, you may as well go all the way,” and we certainly did. We have been talking about making some design changes in our office for quite some time and there is no better way to get something done than to invite a couple of hundred people 🙂

Here is a separate story about our amazing new office designs – http://content.infotrustllc.com/new-and-amazing-…gn-in-cincinnati.

In addition to the new design, we did some pretty cool things to decorate our office.

Office Design

We were so fortunate that so many amazing guests came to visit us.



Employee Benefits


Of course, I was stuck having to make one of my “epic speeches”. While we are obviously not going to include the entire speech in the blog post, here are some highlights that we’d like to share.

“When we started this company we knew we wanted to build the best place to work but what it means beyond flex schedule, ping pong and lots of food – we had no idea.” 😃 But we had good teachers. One of those teachers is Lisa.

She said giving to the community is not just providing food baskets on Thanksgiving. She said we can lead by example and show how an organization can do EVERYTHING to take care of the team: provide an incredible yet fair and equal professional experience, and make sure the team does not worry about things likes maternity and paternity leave, health insurance, etc. while running an economically successful business in the process.

And by our example get other companies in our community to do the same thing. Here are some of the most exciting things that we are providing our team as a standard part of our operations even as we scale and the expenses grow significantly:

  • Fully paid health insurance. We pay 100% of the premium for the entire family
  • Flex schedule and unlimited PTO for FT + paid vacation for PT team members
  • Maternity and paternity leave


And the list goes on…


Awards Celebration


There is a clear correlation between incredible benefits and winning numerous best place to work awards. It is very simple. The best people have their choice of where to work and they choose companies that provide them not just with solid professional experience and compensation, but with benefits and lifestyle opportunities that are important to these candidates.

So the benefits attract the best people. The best people attract other best people because people want to work with the best people. And when you have so many awesome people in your team, you naturally feel grateful for your work experience. So by following this model, we just received some amazing best place to work awards.

Now let’s talk about the awards that we celebrated:

  • #3 in Ohio. Only 26 companies have been honored this year
  • Inc magazine list of best workplaces nationwide
  • Certified as a best place to work by Great Places to Work Institute. Only 20 companies are certified in Ohio including TQL and Cleveland Clinic. We are in good company.
  • Just made Inc 5000 list for the 3rd time


New Office in Barcelona

So the funny part is that we were interviewed by Business Courier about our announcement on Wednesday and we thought they are not going to publish it until Friday.


Well, little did we know…it went live on Wednesday so by the time our party kicked-off our secret was no longer a secret, but it was still incredibly exciting to announce the opening of our new office in Barcelona.

The food was A-Mazing, but the people were the best 🙂 It was really fun and we should do it again 🙂

Here are a few more photos from the event.

food and guests


Paige’s Princess Foundation

Alex and Mayor

We were honored that the honorable Mayor of Blue Ash Mr. Lee Czerwonka came to celebrate with us and shared a few things at the party.

You are probably wondering – “Alex, whats wrong with you? Why can’t you wear something other than a T-shirt when standing next to the Mayor?” Well, this is not just any T-shirt. What makes this T-shirt amazing is that it promotes an organization that is near and dear to everybody at InfoTrust and by wearing this T-shirt at the event I wanted to emphasize how important it is to us. Follow this link to learn more.


Next International Office

Here is to announcing our next international office in 2018. If you comment on this blog post with the location of the future office, share this blog post and 12-18 month from now you turn out to be right – we’ll do something very special for you when it happens. Like…a free ticket.

So you need to

  1. Comment with office location where you think InfoTrust should expand next beyond Barcelona
  2. Share on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfoTrust/ and Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfoTrustLLC

We will track every comment and share and we promise you – you gonna be amazed 🙂

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