Stay in the Know: The Best Resources for Engineers

Best Resources for Engineers

As an engineer, you know continual learning and growth is just as important as execution in your day-to-day role. The best engineers are not those who merely possess talent, but who are actively working to grow their knowledge, stay ahead of industry trends, and share what they’ve learned with their network.  

InfoTrust Data Analytics Engineer Alina Zilbergerts says that it’s important to be on top of new things since technology is ever-growing and ever-changing. 

“While you obviously can’t learn and know everything, it is imperative for a professional to at least follow trends and tendencies in their subject of expertise,” she suggests. “Exploring resources beyond those provided within your team or organization can help you take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Learning those new things or ways and trying to fit, apply, and employ them in your current work tasks can really help with efficiency.” 

At InfoTrust, innovation is always on our minds—and especially of our engineers. 

“Being in the loop and following new trends and practices in technology helps tremendously when it comes to conceiving new ideas,” Zilbergerts says. 

Here are some of her favorite resources that engineers can check out to not only beef up their brains, but also to make new connections:

Google Developers Group (Cincinnati)
Specializes in helping developers learn and acquire new skills related to all Google products. 

A Byte of Coding
Published Monday through Thursday each week, A Byte of Coding’s newsletter features three curated articles from across the internet that span the entire programming spectrum.

Discover Dev
Handpicked by AI and a network of globally distributed nerds, Discover Dev brings readers a daily digest of the best engineering blogs from across the web. 

The Morning Paper
Short summaries of important, influential, topical, or otherwise interesting papers in the field of computer science.


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