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"Consumer expectations of privacy and government regulations are reshaping the way advertisers approach their day-to-day work. The InfoTrust team provides insight into the new marketing reality and actionable steps readers can take to be more successful today."
Kevin Hartman
Chief Analytics Evangelist at Google
"The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing for a business and their partners, but as the InfoTrust team illustrates, the unknown can be an opportunity (and advantage) for those who mindfully plan ahead."
Jon Euerle
Measurement Product Manager, General Mills
"The marketing landscape continues to change dramatically as data privacy takes its rightful place in the public’s consciousness. Crawl, Walk, Run helps craft the path forward for the enlightened marketer and publisher to evolve."
Adam Symson
President & CEO, E.W. Scripps Company
"Long, Loban, Oldham, and Yastrebenetsky combine their diverse professional experiences to help enterprise organizations understand where to start when it comes to privacy, as well as a roadmap for maturing their own expertise in the space. A must read for all marketers going forward to understand the do’s and don’ts of personal data collection."
Caroline Basyn
Strategy & Transformation, PepsiCo
"After simplifying the extremely technical aspects of Google Marketing Platform in their last Crawl, Walk, Run book, the InfoTrust team has done it again, helping marketers to better understand the privacy-related challenges (and solutions) that lie ahead."
FD Wilder
Senior Advisor, McKinsey
"Consumer expectations around privacy and government regulations are reshaping how advertisers approach their day-to-day work and long-run strategies. The InfoTrust team provides a detailed overview of this new marketing reality, as well as actionable steps that senior executives should consider taking today."
Peter Fader
Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School
"The InfoTrust team goes well beyond simple consumer privacy compliance in their newest Crawl, Walk, Run book, enabling advertisers to craft a durable first-party data strategy that can power marketing engines well into the future. While their first book is a must-read (and is currently sitting on my desk!), this book goes even further and is all the more relevant today as privacy-related legislation and corporate actions change the competitive landscape."
Daniel McCarthy
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Emory University
"As privacy moves to the forefront of marketers’ minds, this book serves as an excellent blueprint for those attempting to navigate increasingly complicated data collection waters."
Soumyadeb Mitra
Founder & CEO, RudderStack

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