Crawl, Walk, Run

Becoming a Privacy-Centric Marketing Organization

In the second book of the bestselling series Crawl, Walk, Run, privacy-centric digital marketing leaders provide a sustainable framework for respecting consumer privacy while pushing your company to new heights.

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The data governance and privacy landscape is changing rapidly. Major transformations are underway—and they will have massive impacts on marketing and advertising as we currently know it. It’s imperative that your organization is preparing as we move into an unknown future.

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The companion resource center for Crawl, Walk, Run: Becoming a Privacy-Centric Marketing Organization. As you read along, you can access additional content related to the subjects discussed in each chapter here.

About The Book

As marketing, analytics, legal, and IT professionals at enterprises know, the new privacy-centric reality is here.

Digital marketing leaders Lucas Long, Michael Loban, Kent Oldham, and Alex Yastrebenetsky present a sustainable framework for respecting consumer privacy. Because it’s not enough to be legally compliant, you’ll learn how to renovate your data approach with a formula for creating stronger customer relationships. Crawl, Walk, Run is a must-read for anyone ready to build a durable, long-term marketing data strategy and prepare for the privacy-centered present and future.

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What They're Saying

Advance Praise For The Book

"Consumer expectations of privacy and government regulations are reshaping the way advertisers approach their day-to-day work. The InfoTrust team provides insight into the new marketing reality and actionable steps readers can take to be more successful today."
Kevin Hartman
Chief Analytics Evangelist, Google
"The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing for a business and their partners, but as the InfoTrust team illustrates, the unknown can be an opportunity (and advantage) for those who mindfully plan ahead."
Jon Euerle
Measurement Product Manager, General Mills
"The marketing landscape continues to change dramatically as data privacy takes its rightful place in the public’s consciousness. Crawl, Walk, Run helps craft the path forward for the enlightened marketer and publisher to evolve."
Adam Symson
President & CEO, E.W. Scripps Company

Industry Experts

Meet The Authors

Alexander Yastrebenetsky

Alexander Yastrebenetsky

Alex is the CEO and co-founder of InfoTrust, a privacy-centric digital analytics solutions company. Under his leadership, InfoTrust has received numerous awards, including being named to the following lists: Fortune 50 Best Small Workplaces, Ad Age Best Places to Work, Inc. 5000, and Inc. Best Workplaces.

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Michael Loban

Michael Loban

Michael Loban is the Chief Growth Officer at InfoTrust, a global, privacy-centric digital analytics solutions company. He is also co-author of the Amazon best-selling book, Crawl, Walk, Run: Advancing Analytics Maturity with Google Marketing Platform.

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Lucas Long

Lucas Long

Lucas is the Director of Privacy Strategy at InfoTrust, working with global organizations at the intersection of digital strategy, privacy regulations, and technical data collection architecture. He helps companies understand their limitations for data enablement due to privacy challenges and design optimal ways to accomplish core use cases in a compliant manner.

Kent Oldham

Kent Oldham

Kent Oldham the Chief Operating Officer at InfoTrust, a global, privacy-centric digital analytics solutions company. Prior to joining InfoTrust, Kent spent 30 years at Procter & Gamble, leading privacy and security work across 1,000+ sites at the enterprise consumer packaged goods company.

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