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InfoTrust Takes Part in Paige's Princess Run!


InfoTrust Team at Paige’s Princess Run

One of the best aspects of working at InfoTrust is that we truly care for one another.  Not only do we care for one another but we also care about the community and prioritize giving back whenever we can.

Once a year, InfoTrust is able to demonstrate both our commitment to our employees and the community in one huge event–Paige’s Princess Run!   At InfoTrust, we do a quarterly community service event but Paige’s Princess Run is by far our favorite cause to support.

Paige’s Princess Foundation is a local non-profit founded by our own VP of Operations Heather Alessandro. Heather’s daughter Paige, passed away in 2010, and since then, the Foundation has worked with local hospitals and care providers to provide grants for therapeutic care and equipment for local children with chronic disabilities.  Each year, they host one major fundraiser, Paige’s Princess Run.  And, each year, InfoTrust not only sponsors the event but recruits our friends, neighbors and families to do the same.

This is such a passion project for InfoTrust that each employee also sets a goal for themselves as to how many people they are going to recruit to come each year.  We see employees’ families and friends all come out to support Heather and the Foundation.


Amin and Jimmy

With each passing year, the InfoTrust group picture gets bigger and bigger.  The talk around the office as to who is going to run faster also gets bigger and bigger.  But, all of the goals are the same–to support Heather and the community.  Paige’s Princess Foundation wants to assist 100 local families this year, and InfoTrust is committed to playing a big part in their success.

This year, InfoTrust was able to provide sponsorship as well as match all employee donations to Paige’s Princess Foundation.  But, more importantly, the entire office went out to the event on a Saturday to show our support.  All in all, we were able to contribute almost $3,000 in donations from the company and our employees.

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