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Lists You Shouldn't Miss: Social Media Monitoring for Enterprises

Social media has become part of everyone’s daily life.  Updating a status, posting a tweet, uploading a video and connecting with a network is now a routine for many people.  There is tremendous value in harnessing people’s attention on social media to drive brand growth and potentially increase revenue through gaining new fans.  For most enterprises, social media is way to express a brand’s personality and core message to its customers, followers, and advocates.  Yet, with the multitude of channels that the public now has to share their views on the world, it can be difficult to manage social media and follow the right conversations.  We decided to pull together a quick list of social media monitoring tools that enterprises can use to listen to the conversations about their brands, and participate in delivering their desired message.

social media channels and sites

Below are some of the most popular enterprise social media monitoring tools but there are many, many more.  Using this list and exploring these options will give better understanding to what your organization’s particular needs are and what kind of tool is the best fit.  My next blog post will focus on the best social media monitoring tools that anyone can use, whether you are an individual trying to establish yourself as a thought leader or a small business trying to build your local presence.

  1. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite

    With free and premium accounts, these tools are similar in functionality and design with both providing dashboards to manage and measure your social networks.  Simple to use, you can monitor and manage multiple social media accounts all in one place with the ability to schedule tweets, create filters for only certain topic updates, research trends and hot topics for your industry, analyze social media traffic and impact, and have more engagement ability with specialized posting.

  2. Hubspot

    All-in-One marketing software that provides website and blogging tools, search engine optimization, lead nurturing, but mainly (for the sake of this blog post) multichannel analytics.  These analyics include social media measurement to understand how social media is driving leads.  Hubspot also provides many free white papers on different social media trends, updates and what’s new in the industry.

  3. Radian6 (with Salesforce)

    Full service listening tool that helps users listen, measure, engage and discover so in order to create greater connections with fans. As part of Salesforce, this tool is fully integrated with the cloud-based CRM tool to organize all data for better marketing clarity on social media efforts.

  4. Vocus

    Marketing software that makes it easy to attract customers through search engines, get followers on Facebook and Twitter, and generate buzz visibility for businesses and brands.  Vocus helps alleviate the uncertainty out of social networks and helps brands reach and influence potential customers.

  5. Awareness

    This social marketing hub allows users to publish securly with enterprise-grade permissioning, workflow and audit controls.   Product also features centralized channel management.

With social media being more integrated with everyday lives and activities, its unwise for companies to ignore all the opportunity that comes with effective social media marketing strategies.  Delivering a tailored message directly to individuals that can become life-long customers and advocates is the goal with any marketing effort.  By monitoring social media, brands and companies can learn new insights about what is being said about their brand, who’s talking and making an impact, and ultimately make better marketing and business decisions.


As always, we’d love hearing your thoughts! If you have questions or you just want to chat, feel free to contact me at

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