Social Media Sites That You Need to Follow as a Digital Marketer

Social Media Sites That You Need to Follow as a Digital Marketer

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There are so many social media sites that you should follow to be the most well-rounded and well-informed digital marketing professional.  Here is a list of a few we follow and respect, in order of highest (easiest to find from search engine):

PageRank 9

  • Technorati – Allows keyword anchored link in My Bio section, plus links to claimed blogs.

  • Youtube – Most popular video sharing network. Allows one URL link in user profile.

PageRank 8

  • LiveJournal – When you create a blog, you can also create a profile linking back to your main site.

  • Blogger – When you create a blog or a user account to make comments on Blogspot blogs, your profile can include DoFollow links to your website. Be sure to add them in the About Me section – the Homepage URL is nofollow.

  • – Create a profile and listen to free online music.

  • Vox – Another free blogging site that allows for 5 website links, plus social networks (be sure to set privacy to world).

  • Propeller – Social bookmarking / voting site that allows one DoFollow link to your website.

  • Acrobat Users – User community for Adobe Acrobat – profile links to one website, Delicious & LinkedIn.

PageRank 7

  • My Blog Log – Blogging community that allows for many links to your website & social media profiles.

  • Hi5 – Myspace like site for personal profiles. Many DoFollow links can be added to the About Me section.

  • Blurb – Book publishing website that allows for URL link in public personal profile.

  • Squidoo – Allows you to create articles (or “lenses”) for any topics. Keyword anchored link can be added to Default Bio text of profile.

  • Viddler – Video sharing site that allows keyword anchored links in the About section of the profile.


  • Folkd – Alexa 1,896, PR 7

  • Diigo – Alexa 2,236, PR 7

PageRank 6

  • Naymz – Professional network allowing many website and social media profile links.

  • Twellow – Directory for Twitter users. Profile links to other social networks, and website links in extended bio can have keyword anchor text.

  • HubPages – Online article publishing site that allows for links with keyword anchor text in the bio.

  • Kirtsy – User submitted news, ideas, information, products, etc.

  • Gather – Facebook like site for personal profiles. Allows multiple links, URL’s only separated by a comma, no descriptions.

  • Spoke – Where business people find business people. Allows four links, URL’s only.

  • Aviary – Online image editing suite and community. Profile allows for several keyword anchored links.

  • Anobii – Social network for book lovers to create a virtual bookshelf or booklist to share with others. Profile allows for one keyword anchored link.

  • Amie Street – Network for musicians to share their music, and music lovers to discover new music. Allows one URL link in profile.

  • Dzone – Alexa 3,045, PR 6

  • Faves – Alexa 5,197, PR 6

  • Kirtsy – Alexa 13,150, PR 6

PageRank 5

  • Design Float – Social bookmarking and voting community for graphic and web design articles. User profile includes one URL link.

  • Quarterlife – Social site for artists, writers, musicians, photographers and other creative types. Multiple URL links allowed to websites and other social media profiles.

  • Know Em – Network that checks usernames on many networks. One keyword anchored link in public profile.

  • Amplify – Social bookmarking network through which you share “clips” of what you are reading. One URL link in profile, which shows after you have made your first bookmark or clip.

  • Active Rain – Network for real estate professionals. Allows one URL link at the top of the profile, and then several keyword anchored links in additional information areas below.

  • Blippr – Network for discussing books, movies, music and more in the entertainment world. Allows several links that will be anchored with their site titles, which can be added in the connections part of your profile.



  • SpotBack – Alexa 8,309, PR 5

  • Spurl – Alexa 9,351, PR 5

  • CoRank – Alexa 9,749, PR 5

  • Tagza – Alexa 14,545, PR 5

  • Plime – Alexa 20,604 PR 5

  • SpotBack (5)

PageRank 4

  • Agency Scoop – Network for advertising professionals. Allows one URL link in profile.

  • Oyax – Alexa 10,958, PR 4

  • BlogMarks – Alexa 24,382, PR 4

  • OldRec (4)

  • OYAX (4)

PageRank 3 and Under

  • Biz Sugar – Small business news and ideas bookmarking network. Allows one URL link in profile.

  • MyPip – Alexa 30,423, PR 3

  • Tedigo – Alexa 35,125, PR 3

  • Bringr – Alexa 59,740, PR 3

  • Yattle – Alexa 21,655, PR 3

  • Yattle (3)

  • Bukmark (3)

  • Ciudadlaberinto (3)


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