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Social Recruitment Tweeting

Given the high unemployment rate and the millions of Twitter accounts, it’s a natural connection to say “hmmm, perhaps I could make something work there”.  And, you would be absolutely correct.   Whether you are a job seeker or a job poster, learn to work Twitter to your advantage.  Let’s assume that’s easier said than done because all you know about Twitter is that it’s just another Kardashian outlet.  We’ll start with the basics from each side of the fence.

Employers who need qualified candidates:

Getting a rash of not right-fit candidates?  Think about building a better network through social media.  Your opportunity to get your job in front of the right person will multiply exponentially.  Using Twitter is a great first step as it is one of more intuitive social media sites.  Here are some tips to get you started:

    • Develop an image.  Reveal the human side of the company and why it is a great place to work.  Do you let employees leave at 4pm on Friday . . . tweet about it!

    • Provide Useful Information.  What’s the best way to apply?  Tweet your links and any tips you can give for a job applicant.

    • Respond to comments.  As with all social media, you must engage in order to build relationships with job candidates.

    • Post your openings.  Even if the qualified candidate isn’t listening, a lot of potential customers might be.  Show them that you are a growing company.

    • Use Hashtags.  Make your job listings more searchable through location or specific qualifications.

Seeking  good employers:

This economy has left many people underemployed or unhappily employed, here’ a chance to jump start your search for your next big thing.

    • Get your bio working for you.  Really elaborate on your skill set and what you want from your next position.  Make sure your profile and avatar look profession.

    • Follow your dream companies.  Make sure that you have a connection to your ideal scenario company so you can see if they do post an opening.

    • Follow jobsearch feeds.

    1. @JobAngels – Helping the unemployed find jobs

    1. @indeed – One search. All jobs.

    1. @jobshouts – General job postings

    1. @simplyhired – Job search site

    1. @StartUpHire – Jobs at VC backed companies

    1. @twithire – Job board service

    • Tweet an informative dialog on your industry.  Show potential employers that you are up to speed on what’s happening.

    • Networking with peers, past coworkers and influencers in your local industry can prove beneficial.  As always, job referrals is a great way to land a favorable job!


Take these beginning tips and get started on using Twitter to help meet your objectives in your career search or your candidate search.  Need more advice (or have some advice to give), contact us!  Check out my new Twitter at @HRHeatherA and our InfoTrust work environment at #Workatinfotrust.

And make sure to follow us @iwanttobesocial for more digital marketing, self branding and social media tips!

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