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What It Takes to be Number One

Creating a great company culture is not a sometimes thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t think about how business decisions will affect employees and the community once in awhile; you don’t do the right thing by people once in awhile; you do the right thing by them all of the time. Making the right decisions for the majority is a habit.

At InfoTrust, there is no room for culture to be secondary. There is only one place for culture in our company, and it’s first place. It is and always has been part of the entrepreneurial zeal to be first in anything we do and creating an amazing place to work is no different.

Giving Tree

Every time an employee sits down with a client, they need to be entirely present in the interaction. Not just physically, but mentally. They need to have their head in the right space, of course, but also their heart. When an employee operates from a space of feeling completely supported and a desire to pass on that same support to our clients, you can’t help but making raving fans on both sides.

Running a company is no different than running an individual department or being a leader in your community. The principles are the same: Provide the members of your team with the resources and support structure they need, then watch them and those around them succeed.


It is a reality of life that humans have basic needs that make us tick, including: Certainty, connection, and contribution. We work hard every day to address these and more for employees, clients, and the communities in which we work.

And in truth, we’ve never known someone who, in the long run, deep down in their heart, didn’t appreciate the unique combination of hard work and dedication to balancing the work with personal life that InfoTrust provides. There is something in people that really yearns for the connection of these two constants in life that have so often been disconnected.

People of InfoTrust

We don’t say these things because we believe it makes us sound like a “cool” place to work or because we believe we’ll get press out of it. We say it because we firmly believe that any entrepreneur's finest hour - their greatest fulfillment - is that moment when they have worked their heart out to improve the lives of those around them.

Watch EO Global Chairman, Brian Brault, speak at the International Council of Small Business at the UN, where he discusses InfoTrust’s annual Basket Brigade.

Or check out this recent Inc. article that breaks down our company culture: Want An Amazing Organizational Culture? Here's Some Tips From One Of The Best.

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