10 April 2024 | 10:00 to 17:00 BST


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With third-party cookie deprecation beginning on Google Chrome, the “cookieless future” is no more. We’re in the cookieless now.

The global advertising industry is focused on first-party data as a path forward. As third-party cookies are fully sunsetting in 2024, global regulations require increasing permissions for the collection of data. Consumers will take a more active role in protecting their personal information, and advertisers will be left with little more than the first-party data collected from their websites and applications.

This event will feature speakers from global advertisers, Google, and the privacy-centric analytics solutions team at InfoTrust.

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Event Agenda

10:00 – 17:00

Setting the Scene

Navigating the Shifting Advertising Landscape with Google

Paul Coffey, Managing Director, Horizontals, EMEA Go-To-Market, Google

10:00 – 17:00

First-Party Data

Privacy by Design: Optimizing First-Party Data Strategy with Compliance

Jaime Rodera, Global Data Privacy and Consumer Data Manager, Nestlé

Lucas Long, Head of Global Privacy Strategy, InfoTrust

Success in a Privacy-Centric World: Building Your First-Party Data Tech Stack

Cemil Toksöz​, Global Director of Adtech and Activation, IT and Digital, Reckitt

Federico Bianco, Strategic Partnerships Lead, InfoTrust


Mastering Measurement: How Third-Party Cookie Deprecation Will Impact Attribution

Claire Norburn, UK and Ireland Ads Privacy and Regulations Lead, Google

Madhu Baktha, Regional Product Lead, Google Analytics, Google

Exploring Alternatives for Effective Measurement in the Cookieless Now

Michelle Raubenheimer, Global Data Transformation Lead (Home, Personal Care, Finance & Tech), Google

Michael Loban, Chief Growth Officer, InfoTrust


Personalization Beyond Cookies: Exploring Alternative Solutions

Roberto Ruju,  VP of Advertising Platforms, InfoTrust

Privacy-Centric Media Enhancement through Bid Optimization

Kunal Deshmukh, Client Sales Engineer, Google

Gabriela Garcia, Senior Analytical Consultant (Auto) | Google


Strategic Insights: Enterprise Perspectives on Testing & Strategy

Merwan Benarbane, Senior Manager – Ad tech & Data Strategy Cross-Bus., Digital, Media & Performance, Coty

Phil Jackson, Global Digital Marketing Effectiveness Innovation Director, Haleon

Danielle Perkins, Senior Account Executive, InfoTrust

Happy Hour

Drinks, snacks, and friendly chats at Google London, St. Giles

Keynote Speaker


Paul Coffey

Managing Director, Horizontals, EMEA Go-To-Market | Google

Paul Coffey leads a strategy team at Google responsible for a number of horizontal topics that sit across the company’s ads products. This includes Measurement, Google Marketing Platform, Agency and Partner Strategy, Commercial Incentives and Deals, and Privacy and Regulation. 

Meet The Presenters


Cemil Toksöz​

Global Director of Adtech and Activation, IT and Digital | Reckitt


Jaime Rodera

Global Data Privacy & Consumer Data Manager | Nestlé


Phil Jackson

Global Digital Marketing Effectiveness Innovation Director | Haleon


Madhu Baktha

Regional Product Lead, Google Analytics | Google


Michelle Raubenheimer

Global Data Transformation Lead (Home, Personal Care, Finance & Tech) | Google


Claire Norburn

UK & Ireland Ads Privacy & Regulations Lead | Google


Kunal Deshmukh

Client Sales Engineer | Google


Gabriela Garcia

Senior Analytical Consultant – Auto | Google


Merwan Benarbane

Senior Manager – Ad tech & Data Strategy 
Cross-Bus., Digital, Media & Performance | Coty


Lucas Long

Head of Global Privacy Strategy | InfoTrust


Danielle Perkins

Senior Account Executive | InfoTrust


Michael Loban

Chief Growth Officer | InfoTrust


Roberto Ruju

VP of Advertising Platforms | InfoTrust


Federico Bianco

Strategic Partnerships Lead | InfoTrust

Past InfoTrust Summit Attendees Include

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Google office in London is the event at?

The Cookieless Now Summit will be held at Google’s Central St. Giles office on 10 April 2024.

In March 2023, InfoTrust hosted the Durability Summit at Google UK. The event was focused on data privacy in the context of marketing analytics. To best serve global advertisers, we’ve refocused the 2024 event on today’s top challenges: third-party cookie deprecation and first-party data strategy.

InfoTrust is a privacy-centric digital analytics solutions company that empowers marketers to make confident, data-driven decisions.

InfoTrust is a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner and Google Cloud Partner. Simply put, global advertisers can purchase a Google Analytics 360 license from InfoTrust and leverage the expertise of our analytics engineers, data scientists, data governance consultants, and privacy specialists. 

The Cookieless Now Summit is for marketing, analytics, and data privacy professionals who work at global advertisers and are looking to tackle today’s measurement challenges.

Yes, drinks and snacks will be available.

This is an education-first event (and networking-second), so the goal is not about “making money.” However, we feel we can do some good by donating proceeds from ticket sales to the InfoTrust Foundation, a 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit. Learn more here: https://infotrust.com/infotrust-foundation/

Kudos to you for being on the ball, first of all. To get a head start, consider reading the Amazon best-selling book “Becoming a Privacy-Centric Marketing Organization,” co-authored by some of the Cookieless Now Summit speakers. [Available here.]

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