Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner

Google Marketing Platform (previously the Google 360 Suite) is a powerful, enterprise-class collection of digital solutions. As a certified Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, InfoTrust has worked with Fortune 500 companies, billion-dollar brands and top e-commerce sites, helping them adopt and leverage all the features that the GMP stack offers.

Official Reseller Of

Google Analytics 360

Enterprise-level version of Google Analytics


Display & Video 360

Enterprise platform for programmatic buying and campaign management


Campaign Manager 360

A reliable single source of truth for ad delivery and verification

Google Product Certifications

Choosing a Google certified partner provides your business with access to a wealth of knowledge, strategic guidance, and quality assurance, ultimately helping you maximize the benefits of Google’s products and services. InfoTrust has Google Certifications in the products listed below.

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is designed to address the more advanced analytics needs of large enterprises, providing a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to support sophisticated analysis and data-driven decision-making.


Google Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360 addresses challenges in audience targeting, cross-channel campaign management, creative asset optimization, performance measurement, brand safety, real-time bidding, and video campaign management, providing a thorough solution for those seeking scalable and effective display and video advertising.

Google Search Ads 360

Maximize the effectiveness of your search campaign management with Search Ads 360. The platform empowers you to adapt swiftly to the dynamic market landscape in real-time and on a large scale.


Google Campaign Manager

Google Campaign Manager is designed provide an efficient, centralized solution for scalable campaign management, ad serving, targeting, and cross-channel attribution.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a versatile tool that addresses various business needs related to web analytics, tracking, and data management, offering flexibility and efficiency in the deployment of tracking tags.


Looker Studio

Looker Studio supports businesses by providing data visualization, ad hoc reporting, centralized data repository, collaborative analytics, customized data modeling, integration with diverse sources, embedded analytics, data exploration, time-series analysis, performance monitoring, predictive analytics, user access control, mobile accessibility, cost monitoring, and data governance.

Certified Google Cloud Partner

With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and
Google Cloud Platform, our team can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive your business objectives forward.

Work with a GMP Sales Partner

As a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, InfoTrust empowers clients with expert knowledge and specialized tools to maximize marketing efforts. Through comprehensive data insights, personalized strategies, and optimized ad performance, clients enhance customer experiences and drive better results. With InfoTrust’s guidance, clients navigate digital marketing complexities with confidence, achieving measurable success in their campaigns.

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