Privacy and Analytics Solution for HIPAA-Regulated Entities

PandA offers healthcare organizations a solution to maintain data collection and activation capabilities while remaining HIPAA-compliant. It saves costs, simplifies implementation, and provides a secure and flexible analytics architecture.

PandA Solves Several Challenges for
HIPAA-Regulated Business Entities

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently updated HIPAA enforcement ruling, determining that Google Analytics 4 is no longer compliant.

For most regulated entities, losing GA4 use means losing vital data collection from website users, as well as development investments.

Losing GA4 data collection has significant impacts on key business capabilities, such as reporting, media effectiveness and activation.

Why PandA?

PandA, short for Privacy and Analytics, is a cutting-edge solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations operating under HIPAA regulations. It’s a platform that allows healthcare entities to maintain their data collection and activation capabilities while remaining fully compliant with HIPAA requirements. By leveraging the existing GA4 data structure and utilizing a data visualization platform like Looker, PandA offers significant benefits such as cost savings, simplified implementation, and a secure and flexible analytics architecture. With minimal ramp-up time and server-side implementation, PandA ensures that businesses can continue collecting key user data, retain their analytics development investments, and adapt to regulatory changes seamlessly. If you’re in the healthcare industry and looking for a HIPAA-compliant analytics solution, PandA is the answer.

If you're in healthcare, you probably have questions. Contact us to learn more.

What is PandA?

PandA (Privacy-andAnalytics) is InfoTrust’s data architecture solution that averts the significant data loss that HIPAA-regulated entities will incur as a result of OCR’s new HIPAA enforcement ruling. It allows organizations to remain HIPAA-compliant while maintaining data collection and activation, leverage their existing GA4 development investments, ramp up and scale with minimal downtime, and advance to a future-proof server-side implementation.

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