Basket Brigade 2023: Uniting Hearts, Nourishing Communities in Cincinnati

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November 29, 2023
Basket Brigade 2023: Uniting Hearts, Nourishing Communities

In the spirit of gratitude and giving, InfoTrust and our extended family joined hands with key community members including Jake McGinty from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati and Tracy Stillwell from Cincinnati Public Schools, to embark on an inspiring journey during InfoTrust’s annual Basket Brigade event. The event unfolded on November 17, 2023, where baskets were assembled with love and intention. The true magic, however, occurred on November 20, 2023, as 275 baskets found their way to the hearts and homes that needed them the most, creating a ripple of warmth and gratitude.

Behind the Baskets

Basket Brigade, an annual initiative of the InfoTrust Foundation, draws inspiration from Tony Robbins’ project. This heartfelt endeavor is our way of providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need, ensuring no one goes without a warm, nourishing meal during the holiday season. It’s a manifestation of our deep-rooted commitment to giving back and fostering a sense of community.

The donations found their way to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, receiving 100 baskets, and Cincinnati Public Schools, benefiting from 175 baskets. Each basket represented more than just food; it carried a message of care, compassion, and a shared belief in the strength of community bonds.

Why Basket Brigade Matters

At InfoTrust and the InfoTrust Foundation, the belief in the transformative power of giving back is at the heart of our mission. Basket Brigade serves as a poignant reminder that when we come together for a common cause, we create a tapestry of shared joy and shared responsibility. This event is not just about distributing meals; it’s about nourishing the spirit of community.

Extending Compassion Beyond Borders

The InfoTrust Foundation’s commitment to community support is not confined to geographical boundaries. As the year unfolded, our operations expanded not only in the United States but also reached communities in the United Arab Emirates, Canada, India, and the Philippines, demonstrating the global impact that a local initiative can achieve.

As we reflect on Basket Brigade 2023, we celebrate more than a successful event; we celebrate the boundless power of collective kindness and the enduring spirit of giving that resonates far beyond the holiday season. Nourishing communities, one basket at a time, we continue to weave a story of compassion that echoes in the hearts of those we touch.

Want to Support the InfoTrust Foundation?

Our foundation is committed to helping a variety of causes through helping other nonprofits.


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Last Updated: November 29, 2023

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