Best Resources for Link-Building, SEO, and Increasing Web Traffic

Best Resources for Link-Building, SEO, and Increasing Web Traffic

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As you may know, increasing your inbound links can dramatically improve your Search Engine Optimization efforts and can ultimately increase web traffic to your website.  However, the question remains, how do you measure the effectiveness of your link-building efforts? Try this. Write down the number of links pointing to your site today (on Google command “link:”), your PR and your position for the top keywords you are targeting. Use the tools listed below for 3 months, and monitor your results every couple of weeks. Rinse and repeat….


    • There are thousands of classified ad sites in each industry.

Public Relations Services:

They still work, and work quite effectively. What does not work is when you write a keyword-loaded document that nobody in their mind would be interested in reading. If you have something worth sharing, write a press release and send it to one of the services that are guaranteed to get it in front of not only a journalist, but also people interested in content for their blogs and news sites. There are no guarantees, but if you write something that is meaningful and may interest people covering your market or industry, you will definitely get results. Here are some services that we’ve used in the past – PRWeb, BusinessWire, PR.Com, PRNewswire.

Content Development:

If you have nothing original to share, maybe you should not be in the information business.  Otherwise, reach out to top bloggers in your area, top content sites and even article directories and post some original content. here are some sites that we’ve been using:,,,,, Also consider creating a Google Knol and Squidoo Lens.


We can talk for hours about the benefits of creating original video content, but here is just one piece of information for you to consider – YouTube Channel is a do-follow link.


DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory are great but take a long time (DMOZ) and cost money (Yahoo). Consider alternatives such as,, JoeAnt,,,,,,


No link-building strategy is complete without major exposure to social networking and media sites. If it sounds too overwhelming then just start by focusing on Twitter and Facebook and Digg, Stumbleupon, Mixx and Reddit for bookmarking and take it from there.

One reason to stay away from so-called SEO experts is because all these efforts can hardly be automated. You need unique description for anchor text. Include variations of keywords and different pages on your site.

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