From Internship to Full-Time: Meet James Love

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There is no doubt college internships provide invaluable real-world, hands-on experience for students. But, for James Love, his nine-month internship at InfoTrust resulted in so much more.

“I knew InfoTrust was the place I wanted to be,” says Love, one of the many talented Web Analytics Consultants at InfoTrust.

Before joining the team full time in 2012, Love was a college student at the University of Cincinnati. A friend told him about the internship opportunity at InfoTrust and he jumped on it. Nine months later, upon graduation from college, Love was offered a permanent job.

“I really believe hiring interns to groom them into full-time employees upon graduation says a lot about a company,” he says. “It’s clear their values are in the right place.”

Since joining the hardworking, world-class team of experts at InfoTrust, Love says he’s learned even more about the company and become even prouder to be a part of the InfoTrust family.

“InfoTrust truly values our expertise and the success of our clients,” he says.

He’s also seen how InfoTrust fosters and supports growth to the ever-changing needs of the market. For example, his first role after his internship was the job of Advertising Analyst. But as industry needs changed, so did InfoTrust, and so did Love’s skill set. That’s when he transitioned to his current role as Web Analytics Consultant. Together, InfoTrust and Love embraced their shared beliefs in fluidity, adjusting to the market, and keeping employee skills marketable.

“InfoTrust encourages and helps us every step of the way,” he says. “That’s the cool thing about working here. We’re able to take on different projects and creative roles. It really makes you feel like you have a stake in the game while growing professionally.”

This was especially clear when he took on one of his first Google Analytics audits.

“It was for a local logistics company, and more than just being a great learning experience, it was when I began to understand the company values and culture,” he says. “The guidance and support I received made me feel like I wasn’t alone and made me absolutely comfortable tackling the work.”

It’s difficult to sum up a typical day in the life of a Web Analytics Consultant, and Love says he likes it that way. His days are busy, rarely the same, and constantly collaborative.

“We have clients in numerous verticals, each providing us unique challenges and opportunities. So the variety of work, and therefore lack of repetition on a daily basis, keeps me excited about coming into work every day,” he says. “It’s a great place to be.”

At InfoTrust, there is a real commitment to teamwork. And it’s not just a motto. We live by that promise every day. The proof is the fact that our employees never go into a project by themselves. One person serves as the project lead, along with a second person as the backup. It makes life simple and flexible. The project lead has someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, or even cover for them during vacations.

“No colleague is ever left behind,” he says. “We’re all very welcoming. Treating each other well and being inclusive is a strong value of the company. We all have our own special strengths and that makes for a well-rounded, diverse team. We all end up collaborating to help ensure the success of all clients, and therefore the success of InfoTrust.”

Love’s niche at InfoTrust is e-commerce. He does everything from taking over and fixing troublesome or broken e-commerce sites to completely implementing new, fully enhanced e-commerce sites for clients.

He loves working with clients to find a solution that works for everyone. He remembers one time, after answering some very technical questions from a client, the client exclaimed: “You all really do know what you’re talking about!”

“Sounds simple,” he says, “But working hard on a project, seeing it through to completion, and being complimented for a job well done is very rewarding.”

At the end of the day, Love has a simple goal when it comes to working with his clients: Make their jobs easier.

“Whether it’s simplifying their job duties, automating reports, ensuring data accuracy, or blowing their mind with analytics functionality they had no idea existed, I simply hope that their job is made easier, and therefore better, after working with us.”

For Love, the intern turned full-timer, his journey at InfoTrust has been full of meaningful work, constant reward, and days packed with value and appreciation. He had no idea a simple college internship would result in all of that — but he’s incredibly thankful it did.


James with his beloved ping pong tournament trophy. It was legitimately awarded for excellence in ping pong.

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