Google Analytics Now Syncs with CRMs Better to Obtain Accurate Cumulative Subscription Data

Google Analytics Now Syncs with CRMs Better to Obtain Accurate Cumulative Subscription Data

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Getting accurate first-time subscription revenue data via Google Analytics has been easy. But getting accurate data about subsequent revenue related to subscriptions has been troublesome because the GA data didn’t always jive with the marketer’s internal CRM system.

The Problem


It was a head-scratcher. Whenever a customer made a subscription purchase on a site, the revenue from the first purchase was captured using our custom, enhanced e-commerce implementation. Revenue from subsequent purchases in the subscription was captured only internally in the CRM, however, and not in GA.

Therefore, GA inadvertently would underreport revenue from all future recurring subscription purchases. This lack of revenue leads to noticeable inaccuracies regarding true return on ad spend and true customer lifetime value.

InfoTrust to the Rescue!


InfoTrust recently solved that problem. We used to tap into clients’ e-commerce utilizing an Application Programming Interface (API) for their CRM and using GA’s data import we automatically import revenue from subscription renewals into GA using User ID as the key pair value. Now, subscription revenue is populating GA, so online revenue in GA matches offline subscription revenue from the CRM.

Another result: marketing pros are able to identify top spenders using the now-accurate CLV for activities such as remarketing.

InfoTrust engineers developed the data transfer platform a few years ago to help our clients integrate different data sources and advertising networks with Google Analytics. The latest version of fully supports Bing, Facebook and custom dataset cost data uploads.

If you’re looking for ways to leverage your data better, contact your InfoTrust Consultant today. InfoTrust is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Google Analytics Premium Reseller and Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner.