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Google Data Studio Tricks – Creating a New Calculated Field

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A few months back, Google rolled out Google Data Studio to lots of countries, including in the United Arab Emirates – That’s where I’m currently located :). It means that most of us will have access to Google Data Studio to build cool dashboards that can be used for any data visualization task that we might have.

This is the third in a series of posts about Google Data Studio tips and tricks that you might be helpful. Read our additional posts to learn more tips!

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Create A New Calculated Field That Can Be Used As A New Dimension For Your Reports

Have you ever encountered a time where you need to create a new Dimension that you want to use as a drop down filter in Google Data Studio? If yes, please continue reading. This trick might help you.

There will be instances where you want to group markets (Countries) together. For example, let’s say you need a new dimension that you’ll be using in Data Studio called “Business Market”. Under this dimension, you group countries together based on the business’s requirements that are not applicable to other businesses.


Business Market Countries
 Europe  France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and  Denmark
 Asia  China, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, and Hong Kong
 Middle East  United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia
 United States  United States
 Canada  Canada
 Other Countries  The rest of the countries

Instead of creating a new Custom Dimension for the above requirements, Google Data Studio will let you create a New Calculated Field.

Let’s assume that you’re using Google Analytics as a Connector. Follow the steps below to create a new Custom Field in Google Data Studio.

1. In Google Data Studio, Navigate to “Resource” then click “Manage added data sources”.


2. Select the Data source you’re using for the report. In this case, it’s the Google Analytics View called “1 Master View” then click “Edit”.


3. Click the + button/icon (Create a new Calculated Field).

4. Type in the Field Name “Business Market” and insert the formula that was created based on the Business requirement that can be found in the chart above. Then Click “Create Field”.


This formula is created based on the business requirements. For more information about the calculated fields, kindly visit Google Support Docs.

WHEN Country IN (
“France” , “Italy” , “Germany” , “United Kingdom” , “Netherlands” , “Denmark”) THEN “Europe”
WHEN Country IN (
“China” , “Singapore” , “Philippines” , “Japan” , “Hong Kong”) THEN “Asia”
WHEN Country IN (
“United Arab Emirates” , “Bahrain” , “Saudi Arabia”) THEN “Middle East”
WHEN Country IN (
“United States”) THEN “United States”
WHEN Country IN (
“Canada”) THEN “Canada”
“Other Countries”

New Field in Action

In Action

There you go. We’ve successfully created a new calculated field in Google Data Studio that you can use as a filter for your Dashboard.

I hope you enjoy this blog post. Until next time. Cheers!

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