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“Never stop learning”.

I heard those words from my parents so many times that it became a part of my DNA. That is why working at InfoTrust is a dream for those who wake up each morning looking to be better than the day before.

Here are just a few of the ways InfoTrust fosters and inspires it’s team members to never stop learning.

A Team That Inspires You

We have a Slack channel FILLED with the genius of our co-workers and we receive daily links with info on what is new and amazing in the world. Most of the information shared is about digital analytics, but there is a fantastic blend of other topics. Some of the recent topics shared by InfoTrust team members range from Seth’s latest parkour videos, Tyler’s music suggestions, Michael’s quest to find the latest chocolate trend and a friendly competition on who’s dog is the cutest in the office (Jimmy’s dog Tesla is in the lead).

Leadership That Challenges You

You literally can see these people’s brains working and it’s fascinating to be a part of a group that spends a dedicated amount of time each week to examining the systems we have in place and defining the path we are taking. Many companies say they are going to do this, but daily work piles up and instead of focusing on the business they are focused on getting to the end of the week or month. Not here, each meeting is structured with action items and impact taken each day.

Mentors That Focus Us

Never be the smartest person in the room. We all know it and around InfoTrust we live it. Leadership gets face to face time with Jay Abraham and weekly calls with Cameron Herold so we can bounce ideas off the genius minds of our time. We get feedback to take our plans to a higher level thanks to our co-founders, Alex and Michael, knowing that to achieve greatness you must create core values that are ingrained in everything we do and who we are.

It’s not hard to see why each person at InfoTrust is excited by their work. We know each day we are going to gain a new experience, we see that there is a clear path ahead and that we are all set up to achieve great success!

Did you know that InfoTrust has been recognized as a Best Place to Work in Cincinnati Finalist every year for the last 5 years? Want to be a part of our team? Check out our current employment opportunities.

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