InfoTrust Expands Reseller Partnership within Google Marketing Platform: Now Offering Display and Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360

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InfoTrust, a leading provider of privacy-centric marketing enablement and data privacy solutions, is thrilled to announce its recent certification as a reseller of Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360, adding to its portfolio of Google products. This strategic partnership enables InfoTrust to offer its clients a comprehensive suite of advanced analytics and advertising solutions, empowering businesses to unlock valuable insights and drive impactful marketing campaigns.

As an established expert in Google’s marketing platforms (and a long-time reseller of Google Analytics 360), InfoTrust’s certified reseller status now empowers InfoTrust to directly sell licenses of Google’s cutting-edge advertising platforms to clients. By leveraging these powerful tools, clients can unlock the full potential of their data and optimize their digital marketing efforts like never before. By combining InfoTrust’s expertise in data analytics and marketing technology with Google’s industry-leading tools, clients can expect enhanced performance, increased efficiency, and improved ROI.

Display & Video 360 offers a unified platform for planning, executing, and measuring digital advertising campaigns across display, video, and other media channels. By leveraging powerful audience targeting capabilities, real-time bidding, and comprehensive reporting, clients can reach their target audience with precision and maximize the impact of their advertising investments.

Campaign Manager 360 enables clients to streamline their ad operations and effectively manage their digital advertising campaigns. With features like creative management, ad trafficking, and cross-channel campaign measurement, businesses can optimize their ad delivery, improve campaign performance, and gain valuable insights into their advertising efforts.

Google Analytics 360 provides businesses with a powerful analytics solution that goes beyond standard web analytics. With advanced features such as data-driven attribution, audience segmentation, and custom funnels, clients gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ behavior and can make data-driven decisions to drive growth. InfoTrust has established a strong reputation as a trusted provider of Google Analytics 360, having sold this advanced analytics solution since 2012, making it a cornerstone of the company’s expertise and recognition in the industry.

“We are excited to become a certified reseller of Display and Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360, adding them to our portfolio of Google products,” Alex Yastrebenetsky, CEO of InfoTrust, said. “Through this collaboration, we are able to provide our clients with a complete range of cutting-edge analytics and advertising options, enabling them to utilize data strategically and reach their marketing objectives. We are committed to providing exceptional service and expertise to help our clients succeed in the digital landscape.”

By becoming a certified reseller of Google’s marketing and analytics platforms, InfoTrust further solidifies its position as a trusted Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner for businesses seeking to leverage data-driven insights and optimize their digital marketing strategies. With a team of experienced professionals and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, InfoTrust is well-equipped to guide clients through the implementation, customization, and ongoing support of these powerful tools.

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About InfoTrust

InfoTrust is a privacy-centric media enablement company that empowers marketers to make confident, data-driven decisions. Working with many of the world’s best-known brands, InfoTrust partners with enterprise organizations in the CPG, retail, media, health, and finance spaces. We are a certified Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner and Google Cloud Partner, with offices spread across three continents to best serve our global partners. The growing team at InfoTrust is committed to building a best-in-class workplace and impacting communities around the world—all while accelerating the transition to privacy-centric marketing.

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Originally Published: June 10, 2024

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June 10, 2024

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