InfoTrust Foundation Donates to AI Algorithm Project and Saves Its First Life

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June 5, 2023
InfoTrust Foundation Donates to AI Algorithm Project and Saves Its First Life

In a time where the digital analytics space is constantly evolving and changing, it’s a gem to belong to a tech company that continues to be in touch with humanity. In my first few months as a Client Success Administrator, I have experienced how InfoTrust gives importance to serving the community. This was a crucial aspect in how I envision my time as an InfoTruster because as someone who’s been doing community outreach activities in my community ever since I was 10, being in an organization that sets aside time to help outside the four walls of the office allows me to always give back to the community and be grateful of that opportunity. 

Just a few weeks ago, InfoTrust—through the InfoTrust Foundation—has proven once again that giving back to the community contributes to real miracles like the first life saved through the AI-powered Every Cure LinkMap.

Every Cure and Its Mission

Every Cure is a nonprofit initiative on a mission to unlock the full potential of existing drugs to treat every disease and every patient they possibly can. The initiative was started by Every Cure Co-Founder Dr. David Fajgenbaun, rooting from his own experience when he became critically ill with life-threatening Castleman Disease (CD) and the treatment that saved his life (after nearly dying five times) was a 25-year-old drug that had never been used for CD. Since then, Dr. Fajgenbaum and his team at Every Cure continue to develop efficient approaches for accelerating drug repurposing for other patients. 

The Every Cure LinkMap

To help scale this initiative of chasing cures, Every Cure has partnered with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, and the University of North Carolina to develop an AI-powered Every Cure LinkMap. The algorithm evaluates every existing drug’s potential to cure every known disease, based on globally-sourced knowledge from publications and databases. The Every Cure LinkMap has initially ranked all 3,000 FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of all 12,000 known human diseases, resulting in 36 million evaluations.  

Infotrust, through the InfoTrust Foundation, donated towards the continued development of the Every Cure LinkMap. Healthcare innovation being used to end lifelong illnesses is at the core of what Every Cure does, and this is one of the causes that the InfoTrust foundation strongly serves for.

Partnership with Every Cure allows InfoTrust Foundation to invest into the future—the future not only in the AI space, but also the future where diseases are cured with medications readily available,” says Karina Agabekyan, one of the founding board members and head of the Foundation. “We see this partnership as a long-term investment into the healthcare space, something that we, at the InfoTrust Foundation, hold near and dear to our hearts.”

First Life Saved

Using the algorithm, adalimumab is the #1 drug identified for CD and was used to save a 50-year-old iMCD patient. Within just a few days of taking the prescribed drug, his organs regained functionality, his symptoms subsided, and he went into remission. It was not only a feat for science and data, but a miracle to the patient and his family.

This breakthrough of drug repurposing through AI is truly a manifestation of InfoTrust’s desire to be someone else’s miracle. 

Providing quality healthcare and having an ability to cure what could not have been cured in the past is an amazing thing,” says Agabekyan. “The database that Every Cure is working on and the AI behind it has already saved a person’s life—and that is priceless. We are very proud and fortunate to be able to support Every Cure and its groundbreaking technology!”

At InfoTrust, giving back to the community is more than just something we do—it’s part of who we are. Here’s to making an impact on the community and the world at large!

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Our foundation is committed to helping a variety of causes through helping other nonprofits.


Last Updated: June 5, 2023

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