Introducing the InfoTrust Foundation!

Introducing the InfoTrust Foundation!

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Why do you do what you do in life? This is one of the most important questions you need to answer as a human being.


For everyone, there are two types of motivation: Push motivation and Pull motivation


Push motivation is when you know you must make something happen. You push yourself, you do not take no for an answer, and if you really want to make it happen, you will make it happen.


Pull motivation is a little different. Pull motivation starts with visualization. It is something that is powerful that all personal development and sports success coaches tell us about it. Why?


When you visualize your success, you make it really really exciting and the vision pulls you up. Visualization is the key factor between short-term and long-term motivation because when you have a vision, you have a lasting motivation that inspires versus a push that will eventually exhaust you.


Push gets exhausting. Pulls lifts you up.

One of the key stepping stones for InfoTrust – in terms of going from Push to Pull motivation – has become a Vivid Vision Document that our coach, Cameron Herold, has helped us put together. In this document, we defined what we look like in 2019 as an organization not just in growth but in terms of meaning.


Of course, Growth is exciting. But growth for the sake of growth is not going to lead an entrepreneur and the team to a life of fulfillment.  Our lives have to matter, there has to be meaning in what we do beyond yet another high ranking on Inc 5000 list.


Why do we exist as a business?

In Simon Sinek’s  incredible Top 5 Ted talk of all times, he inspired all of us to answer the question of WHY. Why do we exist as a business? What is our purpose?

Finding a purpose is key to living a fulfilling life, and today, I am excited to share that as a global organization, InfoTrust is one huge step closer to this purpose.


From day one, we as an organization were driven by the need to give back. We had quarterly events, we supported different causes, and we had our first Basket Brigade 4 years ago.


However, last year one little card changed everything.

…when my baby gets her 4h pass home…”.


This card helped us understand that our little economic success can become a miracle in someone else’s life.


Verne Harnish and Tony Robbins, two incredible coaches, showed us that the best way to grow may be to commit to something so big and important that it comes as a result of this growth.  But most importantly, that we would find a way to make it happen.
We are proud to say that we found a way.


We are excited to share that we are launching InfoTrust Foundation. The InfoTrust Foundation is not just about the baskets.


InfoTrust Foundation is about two things:

  1. Who do we get to help as we grow? How many lives can be touched as a result of our growth?
  2. How do we maximize our impact? How do we lead by example to get more small businesses to find meaning, give back and build an awesome culture in the process.


We are grateful that so many organizations got immediately excited about what we do.


We started this company with one vision and one business rule.


Where the InfoTrust Foundation has been (and will be) featured:



  • In a few days, Entrepreneur’s Organization is publishing a blog post about us in Inc Magazine – the #1 resource for entrepreneurs.

But most importantly, we started this company with one vision and one business rule.


We were going to build the best place to work. Packing baskets together, helping more people together, making a difference in other people’s lives is one of the cornerstones of having the best place to work.


The website for the foundation is It is still work in progress but it will be completely operational very soon.


InfoTrust Foundation is an Ohio 501(c) nonprofit and your donations are tax deductible.

Please consult with your CPA, blah-blah-blah, but don’t make a donation to write money off. Tax write off is just our government saying thank you for being awesome.

Here is a list of projects that are coming up in 2017

  • Delivering clothing to homeless people in India on the biggest holiday of the year – Divali
  • Supporting women’s shelter in Sri Lanka
  • School supplies for underprivileged kids in Philippines.
  • Warm clothing for a shelter in Marquette, MI
  • Mattress and bedroom stuff for a family from Stepping Stones center for handicapped children in Cincinnati
  • Scholarship for UC Blue Ash Student
  • Baskets for Hamilton County Center for Developmental Disabilities, Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology department, and Stepping Stones camp
  • And there is so much more


If you would like to nominate a family, or would like to connect us with an organization, please email us at

If you want to make a donation – you can do so at


We love you. Thank you!

The InfoTrust Team


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