InfoTrust Goes Back to College

InfoTrust Goes Back to College

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Being able to audit the University of Cincinnati’s course on Digital Analytics enlightened me on how InfoTrust shares their knowledge to give students an understanding of the digital analytics role within organizations. I am sure that all of us took classes that were all theory – and were missing the practical application – but you won’t see that in Michael Loban and Andy Gibson’s class. They made sure that the minds of the future would be filled with real world experiences and access to industry-thought leaders within their 12-week course.


For example: In the second class, the students were shown the issues facing businesses and the opportunities available in the area of digital analytics. The class was introduced to digital analytics professionals, such as, Kevin Hill who is a Data Scientist of eBusiness at Procter & Gamble. As he spoke, I could see the same thirst for the knowledge in the students that he shared from working with Start Ups to running major brands at P&G.  The second class also included scenarios that helped them learn how the industry interacts with each other and how these interactions play a factor in their potential career choices.


Other leaders that expected to be present are Lindsay Pullins – the Director of Programmatic Media at Empower Media Marketing, Jesse Nichols – Growth lead at Nest Labs (A Google Company), and Matt Booher – Director of Digital Insights at E.W. Scripps. Each leader will share their expertise in the topics covered in the course.


“It is not only important to know how to implement digital strategy, but also how to measure it. I’m glad I’m taking this course because it will give me the necessary skills and tools to be successful in the digital space. I am really interested in having a career in Digital Marketing, so I was glad to have the opportunity to take this course. I love that we can take advantage of special topics classes like this because they are so relevant to the world today.”  – Tyra Elton, Student

The class topics for the 12-week course includes:

  • Introduction to Digital Analytics
  • Data Architecture & Integration
  • Digital Measurement Plan & Strategy
  • Google Analytics Deep Dive
  • Reporting & Analysis for Digital Touchpoints
  • Testing & Optimization


“Our main focus for this class is to provide real-world examples from industry veterans with hands-on projects to give students an idea of what working in the digital analytics field is like. We hope students that would not have normally thought about working in this field (or might not have known the field exists) are at least interested in learning more about the many job opportunities it offers.” Andy Gibson, Professor


By the end of the 12 weeks, we all will understand the concept of data architecture, integration, and measurement for digital touchpoints. Each student will then identify and analyze the impacts of current digital analytics technologies on businesses.

InfoTrust’s Core Value for Impact states –  Take Initiative. Find Meaning in Your Work. Contribute to Others.

I know from watching Michael and Andy that they knocked this out of the park!

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