InfoTrust Honored at United Nations

InfoTrust Honored at United Nations

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There is more to running a business than running a better business.

Brian Brault at United Nations

Brian Brault, volunteer President-elect of EO, delivering a speech at the United Nations.

Our founders, Michael and Alex, have long been members of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), which is a 13,000 member strong global nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs worldwide and promoting entrepreneurship.

In 2018, EO began a relationship with the United Nations to better establish ways and systems for how global entrepreneurs can become a force for good. In this video you can listen to Brian Brault, the volunteer President-elect of EO, deliver a speech at the United Nations.

“We have a need, an obligation, but a desire to look beyond the walls of our businesses and make a bigger impact in the world.” – Brian Brault, Entrepreneur’s Organization, Global Board of Directors

We are deeply honored that our work with InfoTrust Basket Brigade has been recognized by EO and mentioned by Brian during his speech (at 1h19min:25sec). Just imagine, out of 13,000 members, our Basket Brigade initiative was chosen as an example of social responsibility!

We are grateful and we know that, with great honor, comes great responsibility. Not only to the families and communities that we support, but to other entrepreneurs who will learn from our successes and will implement similar programs in their communities.

We wanted to do something special to celebrate Brian’s speech. What could be a better way than feeding 450 families for a month? So, on the day of Brian’s speech, the InfoTrust Foundation made a donation to Feeding America to provide 45000 meals (or approximately 3 meals for 30 days for 450 people).

If you are reading this and you are a client of InfoTrust, we want to thank you for your trust. It is your trust in our services and in our ability to deliver that provides us with the resources to make a difference in the world. It also gives us an opportunity to share how we give back and, hopefully, influence other small businesses to do the same.

If you are reading this and you are a candidate interested in joining InfoTrust, just imagine what you can accomplish as part of our team! What’s your passion? Who do you want to help? Let us know! We want people for whom making this world a better place is more than words.

Our mentor, Jeff Hoffman, said “Our success is someone else’s miracle”. There is nothing wrong with an organization being successful and profitable. There is everything wrong with not using this success to help other people. This year our goal is to impact 1000 families through our Basket Brigade. We know this number will go up next year. It is not an easy journey to make this possible, but the destination is worth it.

Let’s keep turning our success into miracles for other people. Thank you EO, thank you Feeding America and thank you to all our friends and mentors who are supporting us on this journey.