InfoTrust is officially a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner!

InfoTrust is officially a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner!

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You’ve implemented DoubleClick and are managing or running active campaigns, so that means you’re getting all the value you can out of the DoubleClick solution(s). Right?

Not so fast!

Did you know that you can deeply integrate DoubleClick not just with the Google suite of products, but also external data sources? Or that these robust data sets can be leveraged to activate deep business insights that can inform and build audiences, reducing waste and increasing your conversions (and, ultimately, your bottom line)?

It’s true, and now we’re here to help: InfoTrust’s Dubai office is officially a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner!

InfoTrust Certifications

Our specialty lies in data and measurement, so it won’t be a surprise to see that our DoubleClick service offering directly aligns with that!

  • Measurement Strategy and Planning for DoubleClick-Powered Campaigns
  • Data Auditing + Best Practice Consulting
  • DoubleClick System Integrations (Google Analytics 360, AdWords, CRM and More)
  • Tag Auditing + Troubleshooting
  • Audience Creation + Deployment
  • Attribution + Media Mix Modeling for Online and Offline
  • Data Visualization
  • Bigquery Data Projects + Data Science
  • Coaching and Training around Data-Driven Programmatic Solutions

As a trusted, certified partner of Google in DoubleClick and the Google Analytics 360 Suite, we specialize in bringing data sets into Google platforms and offering measurement and attribution services for some of the most complex and largest organizations in the world.

There are millions of online advertisers and solutions for digital marketing, let us help you realize your data’s potential and stand out from the crowd!