Integrating Google Analytics 360 with DoubleClick Search (DS)- Part 1

Integrating Google Analytics 360 with DoubleClick Search (DS)- Part 1

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In part 1 of this series, we provide an overview of the benefits and reporting capabilities of integrating Google Analytics 360 with Google DoubleClick Search.

In part 2, we will provide tips and tricks for interpreting and using the DoubleClick reports in GA 360.

What is DoubleClick Search?

DoubleClick Search (DS), a search management platform, allows agencies and marketers to efficiently manage search marketing campaigns across multiple engines and media channels.

Benefits of DS include a streamlined workflow and powerful reporting features. Buyers can efficiently run campaigns while campaign performance is improved with automated bidding. DoubleClick Search has a native integration with DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform (DDM), which means buyers can manage and track digital campaigns across a single platform, providing rich, cross-channel buying, reporting and attribution.

With DoubleClick Search:

  1. You no longer need to manage your ads and keywords on each search engine, making it easier to analyze your ad/keyword performance across engines.
  2. You have the automated bidding power of DS bid strategies.
  3. You can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) for search marketing by saving time, reducing complexity, and have the ability to make better decisions.

Google Analytics 360 is the enterprise version of Google Analytics, the most popular digital analytics platform. With Google Analytics 360, you get access to higher data limits, advanced reporting and more platform integrations, such as DoubleClick.

As these platforms are both provided by Google, there is a seamless integration between the various platforms which provides immense value and extra advertising plus analytical capabilities.  

The Benefits of Integrating Google Analytics 360 with DoubleClick Search

New Reporting Features in DoubleClick Search*
New reporting features that allow you to see keywords, dynamic targets, and other biddable items as they lead to GA transactions and goals, including session goals (such as club member registrations). More details here for DS report enhancements (must have access to DS account).

Ability to use Google Analytics Data in a DoubleClick Search Bid Strategy
You can create a bid strategy that maximizes transaction and action-based conversions reported by GA. In addition, GA provides powerful session-level engagement goals that a bid strategy can work to maximize.

Automate Your Workflow with DoubleClick Search
Add GA columns to DS reports, add formula columns, and create rules to automate your workflow.

See DoubleClick Search Metrics
Be able to see DS search metrics such as impressions, clicks, cost etc. against GA tracked data such as revenue, unlocking new metrics automatically such as Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) or Return per Click (RPC).

Two things of note:

  • GA only sends data for activity that occurs during a visit recorded by DS.
  • This does not replace the need/recommendation to integrate Adwords to GA 360, but only enhances the data collection and capabilities.

See the image below for further details:


Examples of DoubleClick Search Reporting Usage and Google Analytics 360 User Interface

Use DS reports in GA if you are looking to do in-depth search performance analysis and to identify not only top clicked search campaigns/ads/keywords etc., but which campaigns are driving the most conversions and engagement on websites.

GA 360 allows you to display user engagement metrics and actions side-by-side search metrics and dimensions as well as allows for deeper segmentation of users according to their interactions and engagements.

See further detail and examples below:


Integrated Paid Search Reporting and Advanced Bidding: What You Get

DS Data

DS Data (clicks, impressions, cost) into Analytics 360 for all DS engines, with auto-tagging for all DS engines

DS Dimensions

DS Dimensions (engine accounts, campaign, ad groups keywords) into Analytics 360

Attribution Models

Integration of DS data (clicks) into Analytics 360 attribution models and data-driven attribution

GA Metrics

GA Metrics (bounce rate, conversion rate, avg session duration . . . ) into DS

DS Reports

DS reports based on GA goals and metrics

DS Rules

DS rules based on GA goals and metrics

DS Bid Optimization

DS bid optimization based on GA goals and metrics

New Reports and Dimensions

Acquisition > DoubleClick Search Reports

When the DoubleClick Search (DS) Reporting integration is complete, you will see a new set of DoubleClick Search reports in the Acquisition section of all profiles with access to DS data in your linked Google Analytics 360 property.

The DoubleClick Search reports support native DS dimensions, and let you:

  • Advertisers: Monitor the performance of each of your DS engine accounts
  • Engine Accounts: Assess the performance of each of your DS engine accounts
  • Campaigns: Analyze how well your DS ad groups are meeting your expectations
  • Keywords: Understand the performance of each keyword in your DS account

By default, the reports show you the Summary group of Acquisitions, Behavior, and Conversions.


In part 2 of our series, we will cover how to navigate, interpret and use DoubleClick Search reports in the GA 360 interface.

*While the help center is available to the public, access to the DoubleClick Search product is available only to subscribing customers who are signed in.

Whether you’ve been using DoubleClick to execute and manage your digital strategy for years, or are just beginning to plan a DoubleClick implementation, this Becoming Data-Driven with DoubleClick by Google webinar recap will give you all the tools you need to become a data-centric user of the DoubleClick suite.