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Lists You Shouldn't Miss: Cloud Storage Services

To the cloud!  This has been a common expression and recent phenomenon in business.  Wikipedia states cloud storage is the model of networked online storage where data is stored on “virtualized” pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties.

Basically, this means moving business applications and documents to be stored at a different location (provided by 3rd part companies) and accessed online, instead of on in-house servers.  This is a trend that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.  With the ability to access shared documents from anywhere there is an internet connection, businesses have become incredibly more mobile and more global.  For those businesses just starting out, you might have the question, what should I use to start storing my information in the cloud?

This blog post is dedicated to giving you a list of our top program/tool choices to accomplish just this.  But first a video from one of the most popular cloud file-sharing services, DropBox, to better explain cloud storage.

So here’s a quick list of resources to take advantage of cloud file storage!

    1.      google docs cloud file sharing     Google Docs (basic form of using the cloud)- Create and share your work online. Collaborate and edit anywhere! Free to set up with google account and 1GB free storage.
    2.      salesforce cloud file sharing     Salesforce (in some degree)- If you are already using this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, good news! There are many applications that can link to your Salesforce account and provide online storage.  Appirio is one option but (below) is another.
    3.      box cloud file sharing – Simple, secure sharing from anywhere. Free account has 5GB of storage, mobile app, and ability to sync with Microsoft, Google, and other business applications you may already use.
    4.      dropbox cloud file sharing     Dropbox– You life’s work, wherever you are.  Free account has 2GB of storage, mobile app, and desktop client to save documents so you can access documents even when offline.
    5.     nomadesk cloud file sharing     Nomadesk– Secure cloud file sharing for your business. Unlimited storage with very competitive pricing for various amount of users.  Has mobile version and optimized versions for any platform.
    6.      sugarsync cloud file sharing     SugarSync– Sync your life.  Access, sync and share your files from any device.  Primarily for businesses, allows various tiers of storage and pricing packages depending on needs.  Has mobile version and large consumer base.
    7.     egnyte cloud file sharing     Egnyte– File sharing for business. Designed entirely for enterprise use, allows various tiers of storage and pricing packages depending on needs. Has mobile version and large consumer base.

Others worth mentioning: Soonr, SpiderOak, and ElephantDrive.

Business is moving more and more virtual.  Cloud storage is just one step towards the overall practice of hosting all business applications and processes online.  As always, we’d love hearing your thoughts! If you have questions or you just want to chat, feel free to contact me at

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