Meet Stacey, creating Raving Fans at InfoTrust

Meet Stacey, creating Raving Fans at InfoTrust

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As a part of the Digital Media Team, I have the privilege of interviewing our awesome employees to hear a little about their time here at InfoTrust. Stacey is located in our Cincinnati office but gets to spend time all over the world as she works with our clients and our other offices. As our Client Success Manager at InfoTrust, she is in charge of the Client Journey and works with Marketing, Business Development and Delivery to take our clients from assessing their needs to seamless delivery and ending with raving fans! Sounds like a dream job and you can tell by seeing her endless smile that it is!

What is your background in the industry?

Stacey’s prior experience has been in corporate event management and she worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Tide, Nascar, Citibank and moved into business development. She went on to start her own business that served as a business incubator for event professionals. She developed processes so they could achieve their 5-year goals in half the time. From writing a business plan, getting funding, pricing products - she was a trusted advisor at each step of the entrepreneurial journey. After selling the business, she set her sights on her next adventure and InfoTrust became her new home. Knowing that InfoTrust had an innovative and exceptional team with enterprise clients, she knew this was the place she wanted to be.

What are you up to now?

Our NPS and Client Journey is constantly being developed to handle the unique needs of Enterprise Business analytics. Stacey works with our delivery team and product team to understand previously hidden parts of taking a client from a signed contract to being an Advocate. She manages loops to marketing and business developing to better understand the client journey, assessing their digital analytics needs in order to know what it will take to benchmark and be a success in the maturity of their analytics. For so many businesses, this is uncharted territory, but Stacey has eyes across all clients and knows that asking the right question at different steps along the path builds the best client experience.

What is your favorite part about working at InfoTrust?

When you talk to Stacey, you can tell that time spent listening to her stakeholders and learning what is important to them is her first priority. Getting to the root of a request or challenge is her favorite part of any conversation, so she can help them with a resolution or take information back to our team to make a positive experience. She enjoys then stepping back to look at the broad picture and see across our current and potential clients who else would benefit. With a twinkle in her eye, she will tell you it’s like you have a magic wand at times a client just needs someone to talk to and is prepared to listen. It’s those moments that can make all the difference.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

A big laugh comes out when you ask Stacey this question since everyone in the company knows about her love of animals. Her new puppy, Bailey, even comes in for company happy hours as the sponsor and she jokes that someday Bailey will have a pup bed next to her desk. When she’s not enjoying time with Bailey, you can find Stacey traveling, gardening or out with friends and family on her and her husband’s boat.

Which of InfoTrust's core values resonates with you the most and why?

Stacey will immediately tell you Growth is her favorite value. A business mentor once told her that you are either moving forward or moving back, there is no standing still and that stuck in her mind. It’s a conscious choice we make every moment to grow into something better or not - she is choosing to grow.

What advice would you give to a prospective InfoTrust candidate?

If she were to apply today and was invited to interview, she would ask the team about the goals for her position and then discuss how she would achieve and exceed them. InfoTrust is a very entrepreneurial company and you are given a lot of opportunities to manage your growth.

What is something about InfoTrust people outside the company may not know?

If you love to learn and be around people smarter than you, then InfoTrust is the perfect place. Fellow InfoTrusters  inspire and help Stacey find new passions, focus on existing passions and try what might sometimes be outside her comfort zone. Pam has her reading more, Sarah has helped take her garden to a new level, Alex and Michael sent her to Tony Robbins business and personal training, and someday she said she will have the courage to go to Seth’s gym and do parkour. She enjoys the constant stream of creativity and development!

Also, she adds, our team includes some of the funniest people she has met and,  while we are a serious company, we make sure to keep things light in the office. She recalled that recently she went to see a client and they were jealous of a Facebook post that included a picture of us all wearing pajamas to the office and having breakfast for our catered lunch.

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