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We're Announcing: Part-Time Employee Benefits!

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My wife and I are blessed with 3 amazing children. There is only one thing that is crazier than having a fast growing startup business – doing it with 3 really young children.

When people tell me how hard it is to start a business – I get it. But I also get it when people tell me how incredible it is to have a family and how hard it is to have a career while raising kids.

Tony Robbins, my mentor, always talks about the importance of not trying to think about work and life in terms of “balance” but in terms of integration. If you are so fortunate to have an awesome family and you love what you do professionally, and find meaning in your career, then it is not about balancing. It is about integrating. So how do I integrate my two passions? (To be truthful, it really should be more than two. Having a career and children is a marathon, not a sprint, and you need to take care of you because you can’t give when you are so tired that there is nothing left to give.)

Just think about it for a second: How fortunate are you to have a family and career that you care about? 99% of the world would do anything to have your problems because their problems are infinitely worse. Karma is a funny thing and, with my agnostic views, it’s hard to talk about this kind of stuff, but there is one thing I know for sure : If you are so blessed that you need to figure out how to integrate a profession that you care about with your family, then there is one more thing you’ve got to do: You have got to give back.

You’ve got to give back like crazy! This is not a post about giving back, we’ll write about it some other time, but it is a post about making time for doing what matters the most.

So, how do you integrate your career, your family, your time for YOU and your need to give back?

Having children is a wonderful thing. When I make a lot of my decisions, I imagine sitting one of my children on my lap and telling them about it. What I do not want to hear is “Papa, if this is so important, how come you haven’t done it?”

So, I am excited to announce that effective immediately InfoTrust is rolling out a part-time employment policy that is specifically designed to help working parents with work-life integration.

We offer our part-time employees:

  • Paid vacation
  • Participation in the retirement plan
  • Participation in the bonus/profit sharing plan

For full transparency at the moment we cannot offer health insurance to part-time employees. Here is why – we only provide one plan right now and it is very simple – InfoTrust pays 100% of your health insurance premiums for the entire family. Again, lets make sure this settles in – we pay your premium for the entire family. Insane yes, crazy – maybe, but I am determined that doing good is good business.

We are doing this because our goal as a company is to remove all obstacles that get in the way of you, as a member of the team, doing one thing: Take care of our customers.

Our customers make it possible for us to offer insane benefits. Our customers make it possible for us to do all the crazy things we do as a team to support our community. Our customers are what allows me, as a CEO, to offer policies like our health insurance. Our customers are who allow us to keep adding new benefits, such as this new policy for part-time employees.

And it is our customers who allow me, as a father, to look my children in the eyes and say “Yes, I did everything I can think of to make it better for others.”

Interested in working for InfoTrust, the company that values its employees and their families? Please check back soon for part-time job opportunities.

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