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Top 10 Digital Marketing & Analytics Blogs

Top_10_Digital_Marketing_and_Analytics_blogsNowadays, everybody has a blog. For those of us in the digital marketing and/or analytics realm, keeping up with the latest (and greatest) blogs can become a time-consuming exercise.

I’ve worked in the marketing and analytics industry for over three years and had the pleasure of  working with some of world’s largest companies and brands. Because of this, I am constantly reading industry news, blogs, and forums looking for the newest information. So trust me when I say,  I read a ton of blogs regularly. Since I’ve already done the legwork and found these blogs, see below for the blogs you should be reading to stay current on digital marketing and digital analytics topics!

If you’re interested in improving your knowledge, you should be reading these 10 digital marketing & analytics blogs regularly.


The Top 10 List (in no particular order):


1. Avinash Kaushik’s Occam’s Razor blog 

Main Focus: Digital Marketing / Digital Analytics
Summary: Avinash is one of the main thought leaders in all of digital marketing. He’s a top consultant within the industry and is Google’s Analytics Advocate. He’s also written two-best selling books, which I highly recommend you read. See below for some exciting news related to Avinash!

2. HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing blog

Main Focus: Inbound marketing. HubSpot and it’s co-founder, Darmesh Shah, wrote the book on inbound marketing. Literally.
Summary: HubSpot’s blog is a nonstop stream of content geared towards digital marketers. If you are trying to get started with inbound marketing, trying to improve, or just plain trying to get more ideas, this blog is for you. I would highly suggest signing up for the blog via email.
I’m a huge proponent of inbound marketing, and so I love reading HubSpot’s blog for inspiration and ideas.

3. Adobe’s Digital Marketing blog

Main Focus: Digital marketing
Summary: This blog is written with digital analytics in mind. However, it’s focused on Adobe’s suite of digital marketing tools. If you use Adobe’s solution, I would highly highly recommend following this blog. It will help to improve your knowledge of the tools.

4. Jeff Sauer’s Jeffalytics blog

Main Focus: Digital marketing, analytics, SEO
Summary: In Jeff’s own words, “Jeffalytics aims to aggregate some of the best information and resources available to online marketers, offer thought leadership pieces, and provide a valuable resource to online marketers of all skill levels.”

5. KISSmetric’s online marketing blog

Main Focus: Analytics, marketing, testing/optimization
Summary: The KISSmetrics blog is very similar in range of topics to HubSpot’s blog. They both cover a wide range of topics within the online marketing realm. This blog tends to focus more on analytics and optimization than HubSpot’s, but it still sprinkles in valuable posts about content marketing and other related topics.

6. Justin Cutroni’s Analytics Talk blog

Main Focus: Google Analytics
Summary: Justin Cutroni is another Analytics Advocate at Google, just like Avinash. His blog focuses only on Google Analytics and its features and functions. Many times, when Google announced new features to Google Analytics, Justin introduces it on his blog. If you use Google Analytics, this is a must-follow blog to get the most out of GA.

7. Google Analytics blog

Main Focus: Google Analytics (duh)
Summary: Another must-follow blog if you use Google Analytics. Google uses this blog to announce new features, Google Analytics-related events, and case studies. Shameless self-promotion, our very own Michael Loban has written a few guest blog posts there. Here’s the latest one:

8. Online Behavior blog

Main Focus: Marketing measurement and optimization
Summary: Daniel Waisberg founded and created this site, but Online Behavior has other writers within the industry as well. Most of the topics are related to better understanding your online visitors. Many of the analytics-related pieces relate to – surprise! – Google Analytics. It’s just so popular these days.

9. Crazy Egg’s The Daily Egg blog

Main Focus: Testing and optimization
Summary: For those interested in testing and optimization, this blog’s for you. This blog has daily content with information and ideas on how to improve your website’s user experience, engagement and conversion rate through testing and optimization. Testing and optimization is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing. I suggest you get started here.

10. Content Marketing Institute’s blog

Main Focus: Content marketing 
Summary: The Content Marketing Institute was founded by Joe Pulizzi, one of the fathers of content marketing. Content marketing is obviously a huge buzzword in the industrry right now, but for very good reason. The blog is written for many audiences, from those who are trying to learn what exactly content marketing is, to those that are interested in refining their craft. Lots of good content on this site.

My company is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, so I’m a sucker for a good blog related to Google Analytics topics. We also have great content related to Google Analytics.

So there you have it, the Top 10 Digital Marketing & Analytics blogs as selected by me. But, do you know what’s better than reading these blogs? Actually getting to hear their creators talk in person!

Brian Clifton will be presenting at Cincinnati’s Digital Analytics Conference, Analytics That Excite 2015. This is a conference you won’t want to miss, so register now to reserve your seat!

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