Becoming Data-Driven with DoubleClick by Google

Upcoming Webinars: Becoming Data-Driven with DoubleClick by Google

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DoubleClick is a suite of ad serving and management solutions from Google. Comprised of multiple advertising solutions (DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager), it provides marketers and agencies alike with robust tools that work together to provide deep insights.

So what is one to do with all of this data? Use it to make decisions, of course! And we're here to help with our upcoming webinars on Becoming Data-Driven with DoubleClick by Google. Offered at two times on March 13th, join us at 9am GMT or 10am EDT as we examine:

  • What data should be brought into DoubleClick to power robust audience creation
  • A discussion on standard DoubleClick integrations
  • How to develop a measurement strategy that allows for effective attribution and reporting
  • Merging data visualization into your reports to develop powerful storytelling through data
  • An exploration of data-driven programmatic solutions
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