What I Learned During My Internship

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Has it really been 7 months already? I swear it feels like just yesterday that I stood waiting in the elevator, having forgotten to push the button out of nerves and excitement. As  I wrap up my internship, I can’t say enough good things about my time at InfoTrust.

I’ll be honest: When I first started working more with the analytics consultants, and less with marketing, I really didn’t understand Google Analytics. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a session and a page view (I can now, I promise). There was no class in school for Google Analytics. Yes, there is plenty of information online about GA, but there really is no substitute for hands on experience. Luckily for me, I was surrounded by people who cared about my education and success.

I’ll do my best to avoid any clichés and stick to some of the important things I learned during my time here.

Google It

The internet is full of awesome resources and can be a huge asset, but it’s more than that. You won’t always be surrounded by analytics experts who could easily answer your questions. Problem solving skills are also worth developing in their own right, not just for analytics.

Know When to Ask for Help

First ask yourself: “Have I done everything I can to try solving this problem?”

If I’m trying to filter out a specific segment of users for a report, and it just won’t work, I’ll turn to the internet. If I’m still stumped, I can turn to a co-worker. What is special about InfoTrust, however, is that they won’t just tell you the answer and go back to what they were doing. They take time to not only show  how it’s done, but also to explain the reasoning behind the solution.

Always Be Learning

This was a value instilled early on during my internship and is something practiced by everyone in the office. A new feature comes out in GA? You can bet someone will be learning all about it and showing it to the rest of the team. We have a Slack channel devoted to the sharing of articles or new learnings in everything from tag management to marketing.

Prove It with Results

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk (crap I used a cliché, didn’t I?).

When it comes to standing out as an expert in a field, from nursing to business, certificates are a great way to show that you know what you’re doing. During my time at InfoTrust I became both Inbound Marketing Certified through Hubspot and also got my Google Analytics Individual Qualified certificate. It wasn’t easy but, with my co-workers taking the time to help me learn at every step, I was able to pass with flying colors.

Have Fun

Many of my friends who are also going through the co-op program at UC have told me that their favorite part of the day is going home. For me, it’s the opposite. Spending time at the office is a blast because of the environment that they have created: The people, the ping pong and, most importantly, the work. It is challenging and rewarding.


So yes, the people I met here were awesome, I learned a ton, and I worked really hard. But the most important takeaway for me and others interested in analytics? Don’t be afraid to ask questions…and have some fun.

If you want to read about the first part of my internship, check out this blog post.

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