The Looker platform is designed to give everyone the power to discover the answers they need to sophisticated questions. Give your teams the reporting they need to have a deeper impact and create better outcomes.

InfoTrust is proud to announce its official Looker partner certification. InfoTrust pursued this certification in an effort to better serve its analytics partners in a way that makes life easier for them. People and systems need to have data available to them at the right time and in the way that makes the most sense—we believe Looker can help our partners achieve this. 

Intelligent Business Software

Data Visualization Solutions

Better decisions happen when everyone has access to the right data the right way. Looker’s BI and data visualization solutions give teams access to reliable data for in-depth analysis and smarter reporting.

Integrated insights

The Looker platform works seamlessly with your existing BI setup. Empower your team to make data-informed decisions using accessible data across touch-points.

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Custom Applications

Maintain full control of what your data shows you with Looker’s embedded analytics. Provide a purpose-built tool that users need, while creating data-driven experiences that people love.

Why Companies Like Yours Use Looker

Accessible Data for Everyone

Looker offers a self-serve data experience to users of all levels and at any scale including row-level exploration, interactive visualizations, data cataloging, data discovery, and more. Empower your team to go beyond pre-made dashboards and reports to ask unique questions. 

Secure Future-Proof Architecture

Looker’s multicloud hosting and an in-database architecture comply with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPRHIPAA, and more. Companies can scale with enterprise-grade encryption, administration, user permissions, and content management.

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Maximize Time to Value

Looker provides the tools to get your team up and running faster than ever using Looker Blocks and applications. Start digging deeper right out of the box by simply connecting application-specific data with Looker. Looker also supports 50+ SQL dialects.

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Specific Looker Use Cases InfoTrust Can Assist With


Platform Integrations

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

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How Looker helps companies create a seamless experience with data

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Looker’s modern BI solution amplifies your workforce

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Choosing the right BI tool for the right use case

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Interested in using Looker?

Contact the certified Looker consulting team at InfoTrust to book a demo. Our team is also a Google Cloud certified partner.

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