A Data Driven Woman, Meet Amanda!

A Data Driven Woman, Meet Amanda!

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As the Digital Media Intern, I have the privilege of interviewing our awesome employees to hear a little about their time here at InfoTrust. Amanda started here in the Cincinnati office but now works remotely from California where she is closer to family and friends. She is currently an Analytics Engineer at InfoTrust and has been with the company for a little over a year and a half. It was so fun to get to know her a little bit through this interview, and I’m quickly learning the badass woman that she is! In the following, I asked Amanda a handful of questions to get to know her and her experience here at InfoTrust.

What is your background in the industry?

Amanda has had an incredible journey that led her to where she is now at InfoTrust, which is why she has been so successful. While she was in Cincinnati, Amanda worked in CPG at Procter and Gamble for 7 years doing product research and development. She learned how to bring initiatives to market while working on products such as Always, Tampax, and Olay and continued to expand her knowledge working with marketing, consumer market knowledge and legal. She helped to build award winning claims and demos for products and lead many important quantitative and qualitative consumer research to help build quality products.

As if she wasn’t already badass enough, after her time at P&G, she led her own startup with an accelerator program for about a year and a half. The goal of the startup was to bring back board game nights for friends in the high end European strategy games area. The startup had an ecommerce focus through subscriptions, so this is where Amanda learned the importance of making business decisions through analytics.

What are you up to now?

While she was working on her startup, Amanda also learned how to build a website as well as how to create pricing around a product. She always thought that if she wasn’t going to be in the entrepreneurial area that she would want to work in tech, doing something more technical. This led her to finding InfoTrust as a natural transition where she could utilize her knowledge from both P&G and her own startup, because she understood the importance of analytics and how it can make a difference in day to day decisions.

Amanda started out consulting clients at InfoTrust while also working on some technical projects but has more recently transitioned as an Analytics Engineer working on the Tag Inspector (TI) product team, where she is excited to use more of her product development and research knowledge to help evolve TI.

What is your favorite part about working at InfoTrust?

What Amanda loves most about working at InfoTrust is being able to work with people all over the world. She has the ability to work with clients and InfoTrusters from all over the world. Amanda said “I’ll often be on calls with people from InfoTrust who are in Cincinnati, Barcelona, or Dubai, or maybe we’re all on the same call and we’re all trying to solve a problem together.” This has become Amanda’s norm, but she enjoys every bit of it and its global presence. She loves that at InfoTrust she is able to make an impact that can help people in all different parts of the world.  

What is it like working remotely with InfoTrust?

Of course Amanda misses the day to day of seeing people throughout the Cincinnati office, but as a remote worker she still gets to talk to clients and InfoTrust people around the world daily. As a remote worker, she enjoys being closer to family and friends and the ability to be location free. Amanda means business. Although working remotely may sound like a chance to work in pajamas all day, Amanda knows that showing up and and being prepared to start her day in her home office is the way to get shit done - which is important to her. Each day, Amanda makes sure that she pulls her weight and does what she can to move things along for the team.“It’s cool to feel that the work I am doing matters even though I am a remote employee.”

She admits that being a remote worker is harder than being in an office, but InfoTrust has made the transition easy for her and her family. Amanda shared that, “It’s just about being a really good communicator, you have to be in the work that we do.” Not being able to talk to someone face to face may make it more difficult, but a little bit of extra effort is all it takes.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Amanda enjoys working out and being outdoors. She is excited to take a few lessons and try out her new surfboard, and is excited for the weather to cool off so she can take her bike out. Being in California makes her closer to her family and friends, so she also enjoys being able to spend more time with them in her free time.

What core value of InfoTrust do you resonate with the most, and why?

If you look up InfoTrust’s core values on Google, you’ll see a picture that Amanda took of them on our wall! Although she can resonate with all of them, ownership is the one that resonates the most. Amanda shared it is important to her that if she is on a project with someone, she holds herself to a high standard and expects that to be reciprocated. If she is transitioning something to someone else, she expects it to be taken over with the same level of ownership. In addition, Amanda loves to see people that are open to new perspectives and to challenging things in a way that craves data.

What advice would you give to a prospective InfoTrust candidate?

SHOW INITIATIVE. As this echos her love for the ownership core value, Amanda shares how much of a difference you can make when you take initiative. She suggests to go out and do your own research on everything you can about something, which can be small, but knowing it well is what matters. Know a lot about something and show ownership over it. From her own experience in applying to InfoTrust, she shares that “If you want to work at InfoTrust, use the resources that are available - from webinars to PDFs - there is so much content that is waiting to be discovered and read by prospective employees.”

Master Something

What are a few words or phrases you would use to describe InfoTrust?

Data focused. Always aiming to gain raving fans who believe we can be their trusted advisors. Fun, InfoTrust is really fun.  

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

“Cerulean... it was in my 64 crayon box and I didn't know how to say it as a kid. I used to pair it with the gold crayon for a winning combination.”

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