Former Google Director Joins InfoTrust as Vice President of Advertising Platforms

Former Google Director Joins InfoTrust as Vice President of Advertising Platforms
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BLUE ASH, OH — InfoTrust is pleased to announce that Roberto Ruju has joined as the new Vice President of Advertising Platforms.

Ruju has held many positions throughout his career, most recently as Director of Global New Partners at Google. In this role, Ruju led a team responsible for the global partnership with 10 independent agencies generating close to $10B in Google revenue across 15 countries. He also designed and implemented a cross-functional program across 10 countries to protect Google reseller partners from client bankruptcies.

A number of attributes attracted Ruju to InfoTrust, including the deep expertise and excellence demonstrated by long-standing relationships with some of the largest and most iconic brands in the world, the distinctive culture, and the mission-driven vision of the founders. 

“InfoTrust’s founders have a very clear vision for the company and a strong history of success over many years,” Ruju said. “Despite this, they are humble enough to be open to new ideas on how to continue to evolve their company. This resonated with me.”

InfoTrust CEO Alex Yastrebenetsky notes Ruju’s experience as paramount to the company’s growing trajectory.

According to Yastrebenetsky, Roberto’s experience leading complex partnerships and global programs brings valuable knowledge in the advertising technology domain. 

“His proven track record of effectively guiding a team to meet financial goals assures us that he is a strong leader and we can’t wait to hear Roberto’s insights as an industry expert,” Yastrebenetsky said. 

Ruju, too, is excited about what lies ahead for InfoTrust as it continues to bring new products and services to market that help its clients be successful while navigating the uncertainty of the significant industry shifts that lie ahead.

“InfoTrust has long been an innovator in this space and I am very much looking forward to contributing to the next stage of its growth,” Ruju added.  

Ruju is a graduate of University of Cambridge and Stanford University, and is based in the United Kingdom. He enjoys yoga, rock climbing, and spending time in nature with his family. 

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Originally Published: March 14, 2024

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March 28, 2024
Originally published on March 14, 2024

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