Google 360 + DoubleClick Campaign Manager: Part 1

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April 12, 2018

This is part 1 of a 2-part series on integrating Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager with Google Analytics 360.

In part 1, we cover the basics and in part 2 we will provide a number of report examples, tips, and tricks for interpreting and using DoubleClick Campaign Manager reports in Google Analytics 360.


Marketers and their agencies know that in order to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of campaign performance, there is a need for clear campaign measurement. Having a granular view of campaign performance coupled with insights that can drive campaign optimization can be achieved by pairing Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) with Google Analytics 360 (GA 360).

 DCM is the third-party ad server that allows you to plan, execute and measure your display campaigns through DoubleClick by Google and GA 360 is an enterprise digital analytics platform for tracking all KPIs and conversions across websites and mobile apps.

If you are looking to do in-depth campaign performance analysis for those campaigns trafficked within the DoubleClick Campaign Manager platform, you'll want to consider pairing it with GA 360. This will help you identify not only top clicked or highest impressions/ campaigns/ads/keywords etc., but also which of these ads are driving the most conversions and engagement on websites. This is because GA 360 allows you to display user engagement metrics and actions side-by-side with campaign metrics and dimensions, as well as allows for deeper segmentation of users according to their interactions and engagements.

As these platforms are both provided by Google, there is seamless integrations between the various platforms which provides immense value through extra advertising and analytical capabilities.  The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the GA 360 + DoubleClick Campaign Manager product integrations.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager Reporting Usage and Google Analytics 360 User Interface

Google Analytics 360 allows you to see how your campaigns drive traffic, to discover the full impact of ad impressions, to optimize creatives, and more.

The DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration allows Google Analytics 360 customers to view and analyze DCM data with Google Analytics. Once the integration is complete, you’ll see:

  1. A new set of DoubleClick Campaign Manager reports in the Acquisition section of Analytics - these reports are similar to the AdWords reports but include impressions, clicks, and both view- and click-through sessions.
  2. Updated Acquisition reports that include traffic from DCM-trafficked display advertising. Includes integration of display clicks and impressions in the Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution reports.

Please Note: DCM and GA 360 follow different attribution models. By design, GA 360 will show all sources of traffic and attribute accordingly, but DCM will only show conversions for campaigns or traffic from a channel managed in DCM and tied to the Floodlight configuration.

For more information about the attribution models, please click here and refer to the image below (you must have access to DCM to access this support page).


DoubleClick Campaign Manager Reporting Usage and Google Analytics 360 User Interface

The Acquisition > DoubleClick Campaign Manager Reports

The DoubleClick Campaign Manager reports include all sessions from users exposed to your display ads during your lookback window (e.g., the last 30 days, or any other period specified in your DCM interface). For example, if a user was served a display ad impression last week, the DoubleClick Campaign Manager reports would include her session yesterday.

The percentage of traffic from people exposed to your DCM ads appears in the top left of any DoubleClick Campaign Manager report.


In this example, 14.16% of the total sessions came from people who saw or clicked one of your DCM ads. The DCM Sessions are divided into two categories: View-through and Click-through.

  • View-through sessions come from people who were served your ad at least once during the lookback window.
  • Click-through sessions come from people who clicked at least one of your ads during the lookback window.

Use the Clicks tab for Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) analysis of your DCM campaigns, similar to the Clicks tab on the AdWords reports


Check back for part 2 of this series for tips and tricks for interpreting and using DoubleClick Campaign Manager reports in Google Analytics 360!

Whether you’ve been using DoubleClick to execute and manage your digital strategy for years, or are just beginning to plan a DoubleClick implementation, this Becoming Data-Driven with DoubleClick by Google webinar recap will give you all the tools you need to become a data-centric user of the DoubleClick suite.


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