Google Tag Manager adds more support for marketing tags

Google Tag Manager adds more support for marketing tags

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google tag manager specialistsJust fresh off Google Analytics Blog, Tagging just got easier: Built-in templates for popular tags in Google Tag Manager. Using a marketing tag template is quite a bit easier then having to insert a piece of javascript, especially if you are not a programmer.

When Google Tag Manager originally came out, it had support only for Google and DoubleClick tags (Google Analytics, AdWords, etc), but native support for the first wave of 3rd-party marketing tags has just been announced. The tags are for:

This is a step in the right direction, considering that other Tag Management Systems natively supports dozens of 3rd party tags.

As you may already know, InfoTrust has been working with Google Tag Manager ever since its early beta was released to Google Analytics Certified Partners, and we are one of the few partners who have been certified by Google as experts in Tag Management. If you would like to learn more about Google Tag Manager or discuss how Google Tag Manager can help streamline and optimize your marketing efforts, contact us any time.

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Article written by Alex Yastrebenetsky