Google Tag Manager API: Missing Features + Known Bugs

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The Google Tag Manager (GTM) API is an excellent tool for being able to quickly manage your accounts. Google Tag Manager is great for managing standards across multiple accounts or properties and, if you are in need of making a large number of changes or being able to automatically validate or update tags/variables/triggers, then the API is extremely useful. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that can’t yet be done with this API.

Here is our list of current Google Tag Manager API known missing features and bugs, for reference:

  • Setup Checkout funnel step Labels in eCommerce settings
  • Workspaces: As this is still a new feature, there is currently no way to interface with them
  • Import/Export: While there are UI tools to import and export containers, this isn’t something that the API offers
  • Inserting and deleting accounts is not possible with the API
  • Enabling/Disabling two-step verification in the Account Settings
  • Updating container type (Web, iOS, Android, AMP)
  • Getting GTM container code snippet
  • Downloading container binary for mobile
  • Managing approval queue

To stay the most up to date with the current status of the GTM API, be sure to follow the Google product forum:!forum/tag-manager

Know of anything that we’re missing? Drop a comment below!

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