Why InfoTrust Employees Have Flexible Schedules & Opportunity to Work Remote

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As time goes on, it seems that it’s becoming a lot more common for businesses to allow employees to have flexible work schedules as well as have the option to work remote. Although there’s definitely still relatively few businesses that implement these options, we at InfoTrust have made it part of our culture.

We believe that it’s critical in keeping our employees in a good mindset as well as allowing them to work as efficiently as possible throughout the week. With that said, here’s 3 reasons why we at InfoTrust love flexible schedules.

Allows Us to “Get in the Zone


If our employees need to concentrate on a specific task, they have the option to work remote to “get in the zone”. Working remote allows us to focus on one thing, without having any distractions from events occurring in the office.

Since we have a small team, a lot of us like to discuss specific topics about Analytics on a frequent basis; or if a team member has a question, it’s likely they will stop over at your desk to chat. Working remote allows us to avoid those distractions, and this doesn’t have an impact on team members as our remote employees are available via online resources.

Flexible Hours Keep Employees in the Right Mindset


Stress Reduction: If you are having a stressful day at the office, it’s no problem to work from home the rest of the day, or take a break and reconvene later that afternoon. I believe that stress has an extremely negative impact on work, so taking a break during the day to cool off will allow for our team to work at maximum capacity.

Families: Flexible schedules allows team members to work around their family. Better work/life balance and happier employee.

Holidays: InfoTrust is huge when it comes to diversity. If there’s a holiday that you would like to celebrate that doesn’t happen to be a national holiday, employees are encouraged to take the time to observe it.

Illness: Not feeling well? Feel free to take off or work remote at your convenience. We want you to feel better and also don’t want the team to be infected.

Allows Us To Work with Multiple Timezones


We work in multiple time zones. A lot of our clients and some employees work in the pacific time zone and our Dubai office is several hours ahead of the US offices. Having flexibility allows us to operate in different time zones to assist our clients. Some employees may come in late in the day since they have a late client call due to a client on PST – InfoTrust is understanding of this as we want our team to be effective on calls.

We are proud of our employee-focused culture at InfoTrust and are pleased to offer our team members flexible schedules and the ability to work remote.

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