InfoTrust in the News: Core Values, A Focus on Data, and New Locations

InfoTrust in the News: Core Values, A Focus on Data, and New Locations

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Wow! We have truly made an impression in the digital world and are humbled by the recognition.

From the Cincinnati Business Courier to Forbes, we have had a pretty amazing 2017 with top publications writing about our efforts in helping marketers use data to make smarter decisions. (And the year is not over yet!)

Curious about where we’ve been featured?  We hoped you would be!

Here are a list of publications we have been featured in that highlight our Core Values, Expertise, and Expansion:


Highlighting Core Values




At InfoTrust, one of our core values is giving back to the community. As Alex Yastrebenetsky has stated, “Working to make more money doesn’t fulfil our higher purpose in life – but giving beyond ourselves can be an exciting opportunity for growth – and to create a great place to work.”

The HuffPost feature highlighted our efforts to be a light within the community and inspire others to follow.


Highlighting our Expertise

AdWeek + Forbes

In August 2017, our webinar ROI, Data Quality, and Peace of Mind, which focused on helping organizations increase data accessibility and data quality, was featured in AdWeek and Forbes.

By achieving a 10% increase in data accessibility, a typical Fortune 1000 company will result in more than $65 million of additional net income. For any company, understanding how to measure the ROI of Analytics & Data Quality is financially beneficial, plus it allows organizations to undergo a successful digital transformation.


“ The value of analytics is all in how you apply it. “ – Michael Loban, CMO at InfoTrust




CIO covered the ROI, Data Quality, and Peace of Mind webinar by addressing three problems organizations currently face:

  1. Lack of Trust in Organizational Data by the Employees
  2. Companies ‘Dabbling’ in Big Data
  3. Poor Data Supply Chain and lack of Data Integration


InfoTrust CMO, Michael Loban has taught us that “Digital Transformation is a critical component to data accessibility.” By address these three problems head-on, organization will have a competitive advantage.




Entrepreneurs’ Organization did us the honor of mentioning our marketing efforts in giving a personal touch. “We find ‘offline’ and online marketing efforts to be highly complementary- and a nice surprise to prospects and clients, alike!” – Kaylie Kipe, Marketing Management Team at InfoTrust.

Inc. also quoted our CEO, Alex Yastrebenetsky in 72 CEOS on How to Increase Your Entrepreneur Quotient to help inspire entrepreneurs to deal with reality.

“Let data be your guide and remember that your people are your greatest asset. Focus on these two areas and the rest will follow.” –Alex Yastrebenetsky, CEO,  Info Trust

Highlighting our Expansion


Cincinnati Business Courier

As of this year, InfoTrust has expanded into 3 new locations (Michigan, Florida, Barcelona, Spain)!

We announced our Barcelona expansion in July 2017 at our home office, and the Cincinnati Business Courier was there to learn all the details on our overseas expansion. For us, this is exciting because it means that we are not only serving marketers in the US but around the world!

Interested in learning more about how InfoTrust can help your organization? Let’s talk!

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